Why you shouldn’t keep using pattern unlock on mobile

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One of the most common security methods on Android is pattern unlock. Users slide their finger across the screen in a preconfigured pattern to conveniently unlock their device.

Most people find it easier than entering a 4- or 6-digit code, but if you’re concerned about your privacy, you shouldn’t use it.

Why? The reason is security. According to numerous studies, pattern unlock is the worst way to protect your device.

In a experiment the researchers reproduced the simplest way to guess a password: observe the user while entering it.

They found that after watching someone enter a pattern to unlock their phone just once, they were able to memorize it and replicate it the same way. 64% of the time. This number increased to 80% of the time if the individual observed it several times.

On the other hand, only the 11% of the time they successfully guessed a 6-digit access code with a single viewing, and the number only increased by 27% of the time after two viewings.

Ross Anderson, professor of security engineering, says that “For people who are not security experts, using a passcode is good enough.”

This is because it is much more difficult to see clearly and remember which numbers someone has pressed when entering an access code than it is to memorize the pattern drawn on the screen.

This is the reason why some manufacturers, such as Apple, do not offer pattern unlock on their devices.

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