Why you should use Windows 11 media player and not another

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Since its inception, Windows has always had a series of its own applications integrated into its operating system that have been very useful when it comes to carrying out our daily tasks. But it has also included certain entertainment tools that have not reaped their rewards. But this time, Windows 11 has found the key and has perfected one of its best features: the media player.

Over the years Windows has implemented and modified numerous products to improve user experience. But the truth is that there have been versions of the Microsoft operating system that have not caused much of a stir and rather have been harshly criticized, either because the interface was not sufficiently optimized or because it included applications that were hardly of much use. Without going any further, Internet Explorer has been a real headache for many until the arrival of Edge, which improved things a little.

Experts predict that the best versions of Windows in history have been Windows 7 and Windows 10, but with barely two years of stay on our computers, it is still early to release a complete review of Windows 11. For now, Microsoft is doing everything possible to improve this latest version and offer a facelift. For now, you are achieving this with your media player and These are the reasons why today it is a good tool.

Windows 11 Media Player: Best Version

The new Media Player The Windows 11 multimedia player is positioned as one of the best on the market. Its appearance brings with it a modern design, with the ability to play videos and music, organize your collection and song lists, and rip CDs. In fact, it is intended to replace all other Windows multimedia products: Groove Music, Movies & TV and even the famous old Windows Media Player, now labeled as Legacy and that it still appears installed by default.

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Windows 11 music and video media player

Windows 11 Media Player Features

The Windows 11 multimedia player is one of the best that you can use today on any PC thanks to its new functions and their redesign. It is located in the Windows start menu. It contains a music library that you can add through the Music folder found in File Explorer, as well as the Videos folder. Although they can also be added manually.

Video player

For example, when you play a video, the player acts in a way very optimized and minimalist, hiding the controls during playback so that they do not hinder its viewing. You also have the option to activate or deactivate subtitles, or include them externally, which could not be done in the previous version.

Music player

The music application within the player is very complete. The music screen organize your collection and list of titles alphabetically, but you can also sort it by release year, artist, or genre, in either list or grid view. Music playback controls appear at the bottom of the player and in the Windows quick settings panel. Likewise, you can use the option to minimize the player so that it remains fixed when you switch to other windows.

Another advantage is that Windows media player can search songs stored both on your hard drive and in the cloud (OneDrive or other providers), which gives you extra personality by being able to access these folders. But if you want to do it both from your computer’s hard drive and a removable one, it is as simple as copying or moving the folder to the application and it will immediately recognize the files.

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It should be noted that his music not duplicated when importedunlike iTunes and Apple Music, and of course, any changes you make, such as changing the song title, are left intact and saved.

Having said all this, although the Windows 11 media player is not perfect because it also has some shortcomings, such as the limitation in music and video file compatibility, it is still an option to take into account, especially for users who do not require so much paraphernalia to reproduce your collections.