Why you should not charge your mobile battery up to 100%

Have you ever heard about the problems when charging a mobile up to 100%? In case you did not know, this action is not recommendedas you’re probably now believing, and he has his reasons.

Cell phone batteries, regardless of their brand or model, It is one of the things that degrades the most over time.. That said, the most logical thing is to think about how to extend the life of these as much as possible.

Since mobile phones have a specific number of charge cycles (charge from 0 to 100%), once the device reaches that figure, its autonomy will begin to decrease little by little and the battery charge will not last as long.

Basically, this loss of energy causes the degradation of the ion cells, which together make up the battery itself. And to the surprise of many, leaving the mobile charging overnight is not something that affects the battery at all, or at least in those terminals that have new ion batteriessince they cut off the current flow when it reaches 100%.

In conclusion, letting your mobile reach 0% or charging it up to 100% will cause the battery life to decrease, so reaching those points is what you should not do. On the other hand, it is recommended that you try to always keep the battery percentage between 20% and 80%as this will take longer to complete a full cycle and your battery life will not decrease as easily.

In fact, many modern mobiles already slow down the charging speed when they detect that it has reached 90%, and in some cases they pause charging at dawn to start a couple of hours before waking up, so that there is not much time left at 100% with the wire connected.

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You could even choose to download applications like Accubattery, which will help you know everything related to your battery, how many charging cycles have you done to datesend you reminders when charges reach 80%, among other things of interest.