Why you can no longer record calls on Android

why you can no longer record calls on android.webp.webp.webp
why you can no longer record calls on android.webp.webp.webp

Remember when call recording apps worked perfectly? It has been raining since then, as the journey through the desert of these applications began in Android 9 Pie and has basically gotten worse since then.

Call recording survives, but at half speed and with many conditions. What exactly happened to call recording on Android so that we get to this point?

Can or cannot you record calls?

To the question of whether you can record calls on Android, we must respond with the same answer as we do to so many other questions in the operating system: it depends. Applications to record calls They work… sort of, sometimes. In most cases, without root, apps record sound using the phone’s microphone, so the quality leaves something to be desired. Work, they work, but not very well.

The best thing that can happen to you is that Your mobile phone comes with call recording as standard, something that happens for example in Google Pixel, Samsung, Huawei and other brands, because then the recording is saved with the internal audio of the phone, that is, with perfect quality. The problem is that manufacturers only activate call recording in certain countries. Neither Google nor Samsung have it active in Spain, despite the fact that it is legal even without consent, as long as you do not spread them.

So, is it possible to record calls on Android? Yes and no. If you are lucky and have a cell phone that has call recording and you live in a country where it is active, then yes. If not, you can use apps to continue recording calls, but they work regular.

What happened to call recording


TrueCaller added call recording in 2021 and had to disable it in 2022 due to Google demands

How did we get to this, if ten years ago you could record calls without problems with Android Lollipop? It was not something overnight, but version after version has been brewing.

The problem is that Android never had a reliable and secure mode that allowed third-party apps to record calls, so these apps initially used workarounds, or tricks to achieve it. Since Android Marshmallow, these applications had to use unofficial APIs to capture audio. This was still a hack and something dangerous in the wrong hands, so Google limited its use starting with Android Pie.

With no way, official or not, to capture phone audio, recording apps have since had to make do with record incoming audio with microphonewith poorer quality, and rely on accessibility services to function more or less reliably.

The problem is that use accessibility services to record calls I didn’t stop being another hack and finally Google ruled: accessibility services are for accessibility and not for recording calls. As a consequence, the recording applications that used them had to leave Google Play.

Only a handful of call recording applications remain on Google Play, such as the legendary ACR app, although by not being able to use the accessibility permission, They do not work on the latest versions of Android. When opening ACR downloaded from Google Play on a recent mobile, we get the following notice:


The notice that appears when opening ACR in Android 14 tells us that the app neither works nor will it work on our phone

Call recording applications can only capture audio today in two ways: with accessibility permissions (and, therefore, cannot be on Google Play) and with root (theoretically allowed on Google Play). Both cases are not very optimal for the general public, so lately the developers have chosen the middle route: replace the Phone application with another that records calls. Thus, the creator of ACR Recorder has launched ACR Phone.

ACR Phone still requires accessibility permission to capture audio, but does not include it in its app on Google Play because that would be against Google’s rules. Instead, its developer has created a separate app that distributes outside of Google Play, ACR Phone Helper, which uses accessibility permissions to provide call recording to ACR Phone. If you have root, even better, since it doubles functions as a Magisk module to record real internal audio and not through the microphone.


Native Google Phone call recording

In summary, Google has blocked all methods to record callsboth from the operating system itself (with the restriction of the undocumented APIs of Android 10) and from the policies of Google Play, to such an extent that the only way to continue recording calls on Android, if your mobile does not have them as standard , it’s pretty bad: you need to install apps from outside of Google Play and the quality won’t be good unless you have root.


Change introduced

Android version

Recording method



Up to Android 6.0

Direct recording of internal audio



Undocumented API Limitation

Android Pie

Recording with the microphone using accessibility permission



Google Play does not support applications that use the accessibility service to record calls

Android 10 onwards

Recording with microphone using accessibility permission, but the app must be installed outside of Google Play


So, if you want to record calls on your Android mobile The best thing that can happen to you is that it comes standardotherwise you will need root to have a full quality recording or applications downloaded from outside of Google Play that use accessibility services (with the security risks that they imply) and with an improvable quality.

And for the moment It seems that this is how things are going to stay, because despite closing all avenues for third-party applications to record calls, Google does not provide a new civilized way (with a permission, for example) to do so in the latest versions of Android. Have you gotten lost with all the variants? Here’s a summary:

  • If your mobile comes with recording as standard: You will be able to record calls at full quality if you have it active in your country.
  • If your mobile phone does not have serial recording: You can use third-party applications downloaded outside of Google Play that use accessibility permissions to record calls using the microphone, with poorer quality.
  • If you have root: You can force call recording at full quality regardless of whether it came standard or not.

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