Why Tesla should copy Google and Apple: key reasons why it needs an app store

why tesla should copy google and apple key reasons why.jpg
why tesla should copy google and apple key reasons why.jpg

The car manufacturer has many reasons to create an ‘app store’ for its cars and we detail which would be the five most important.

The 21st century is changing at an incredible speed, in part due to the advancement of the Internet not only in homes, but also in mobility. In Spain we have gone from paying to connect for a few minutes through a copper line to having unlimited high-speed rates on our mobile phones. But what it has meant greater change, social and culturalhas been the era of applications.

Computer programs existed long before smartphones They were a concept. The birth of personal computing came from companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and Lotus, which created the software that allowed personal computers to become popular.

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In mobile phones this has reached another level, with applications that literally help us do everything. We can flirt, work, entertain ourselves, travel, learn, communicate… all from the same device, thanks to these applications. Now we are starting to see the same thing in cars., in a very light way and without big fuss. For now.

Tesla is the automotive company that has invested the most in software, and that shows in the final product. Many consider the brand to be more of a software company that makes cars than a car company with good software. Not only because of the interface, but because of elements such as Autopilot and the detail with which the brand takes care of the less physical elements of its cars. That’s why it’s not crazy to think that, at some point, it could open an app store for them, like Google and Apple did for phones. And there is no shortage of reasons.

The first thing that an application store would imply is the increase in entertainment options. Tesla has an acceptable assortment of games and audio and video streaming platforms in its cars, but it is very limited not only if we compare it with phones, but with Android AutoMotive, Google’s system for cars that has thousands of apps.

Android Auto in Tesla

There are many who exchange a Tesla car for another, be it a Model 3 for a Model Y, a Model Y for a Model X, etc. Being able to maintain the same interface, the same apps, the same way of driving, is something important. Besides, It makes it possible for users to pay for certain things at specific times. Currently, Premium Connectivity is an example of this, offering advanced functions for 10 euros per month, but only the months that users want. Doing this with many more applications and services is more viable than in other companies because of the control that Tesla has over the entire process, not just the physical creation of the cars.

The last reason why Tesla should creating an application store is differentiation from the competition. And here it must be clarified that both Google and Apple have their own proposals, so Tesla would not be the first to do so. However, returning to the previous point, it would be the first brand to have a store… and manufacture its own cars.

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The supposed Apple car is not yet a reality, and we do not know if it will end up being one, and Google is not going to get into this market. So, what Android Automotive now offers and the new CarPlay promises are something that Tesla could match and surpass. The software is, along with the SuperChargers network, one of the main selling points, and the creation of an app store could increase its importance.

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