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Why many influencers are leaving Instagram

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Over the last few months, some prominent influencers on the Instagram social network have announced either that they were leaving this platform or that they were taking a break of several weeks or months in their participation in it.

names like Natalie Borton, Lynzy Coughlin, Jess Ann Kirby, Anna and Gabe Liesemeyer or Erin Kern are some of the influential Instagram users, some of them with hundreds of thousands of followers on their accounts, who have announced their departure, sometimes definitive. But for what reasons? The explanations of these and other relevant figures of the social network point to causes such as the following:

-Pressure for having the posts always highlighted and visible, something related to the fear that the Instagram algorithm will hide these posts and go unnoticed.

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-Constancy in the publication, since spacing the content too much worsens the positioning.

-Exhaustion creative due to constant pressure.

-Frustration by the constant modification of the changes in the algorithms of the social network, which determines a permanent modification of the type of content to be generated.

-Dependence excessive changes dictated by the trends marked by Instagram.

-Obsession for replicating the success of previous publications.

-Lack of control about their own business, submitting to the dictates imposed from Instagram to maintain visibility and popularity.

-Need to balance their personal lives.

-Conflict by knowing the effects of social networks on the mental health of adolescents. This last reason would be related to information according to which it was recently revealed the pernicious influence of the use of Instagram on the mental health of adolescent users, whom it “bombards” with advertising.

Some of the aforementioned influencers have announced that they are leaving Instagram for the rest of 2022, that they will reduce the publication of some content such as Stories and also in some cases to put order on the rest of their businesses outside the social network. Others, like Lynzy Coughlin or Anna and Gabe Liesemayer, take more forceful positions announcing their definitive withdrawal from Instagram, leaving behind accounts with more than 500,000 followers.

Despite everything, some are clear that dispensing with Instagram within their business strategy means losing an important source of income, although it is considered a worthwhile sacrifice since it allows improve the construction of a professional career by own means and without depending on designs as alien as unpredictable and stressful. This has boosted or recovered the activity that they maintained or have started to maintain on their own blogs and websites, in addition to reinforcing income through platforms such as Patreon.

In the background is the question of the lack of control that these influencers seem to have over the trend set by the Instagram algorithm and their need to react quickly and quickly to these changes, but also the impossibility of obtaining direct monetization for their content on Instagram. , something that, for example, YouTube has solved. On Instagram, and until the Reels arrived, income could only be obtained through affiliate links and third-party advertising, hence that feeling of lack of control over the “whims” of the social network’s algorithm.

On YouTube, in addition to this type of advertising income, creators can obtain income directly from the platform, even with certain rewards, such as when exceeding one million subscribers receives the coveted “trophies” that the platform sends to the YouTuber. But YouTube also has a fund to make direct payments.

As long as Instagram is not able to offer something similar, it seems that there will continue to be content creators who choose to value what they get and what they offer and prefer to pause their presence on this social network or even abandon it. At the moment the hope seems to be focused on Subscription, a service announced by Instagram last month that would allow followers pay one premium monthly subscription to the accounts of your choice, giving you access to exclusive content, both live and in Stories.

But that solution would only solve the income aspect, everything related to the pressure of the algorithm, visibility and content creation would still remain.


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