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Why is the branding of your social networks so important?

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marcas redes sociales scaled e1638205124574

When we start a new project, one part that becomes as vital as the quality of our service or product is the way we present it to the world. After all, it will be through it that we can reach our target audience. Hence the importance of managing key processes such as branding in social networks well.

Thanks to this detail, you will not only be able to make yourself known, but also differentiate yourself in a world that is already flooded with projects and new initiatives. That is why it is worth delving into what branding is, what parts of it are vital for social media and how we could take advantage of it if we are just starting out.

First of all … what is branding?

According to the renowned marketing agency Hubspot, the branding is “the process of researching, developing and applying a distinctive characteristic or a set of characteristics to an organization”. All this is done with the intention of creating a direct relationship in the brains of consumers that unites the brand and what it offers.

In addition to the above, the portal also clarifies that branding is not a momentary or ephemeral process. In fact, it is an effort in constant evolution that must be maintained to create a solid brand image that allows achieving the yearned for “Brand awareness”(Brand awareness) in the minds of the public and potential customers.

Only then can you move to the next level and connect with customers on a deeper level. It is there where the desired “brand loyalty” will take place, which implies that people will not only know about your project and be able to recognize it, but will prefer it and could even become ambassadors of it by recommending it to others.

Clearly, that end state is the goal we all want to achieve, but we cannot reach it overnight. Therefore, at times like these, it is vital that we know how to apply branding on platforms such as social networks to start the path that will lead us to have a place in the minds and hearts of customers.

What makes branding important on social media?

To begin with, social media is to today’s world what television, radio, newspaper, shop windows and billboards were to marketing to older generations. Through them a brand can make itself known, explain what it can offer and earn a place in the memory of the public.

But the truth is, the process goes way beyond just that. A well-done branding not only allows customers to remember the brand, but to connect with it on a deeper level, even emotionally. Something that will make you immediately think of it when you see its logo, hear its jingles or even simply recognize its colors.

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Through social media, branding can pursue that goal by offering a platform on which to show the brand as it is. You also have a unique opportunity offered by the new media, which is to interact directly with your followers. That way, they will learn to relate the brand not just to a product, but to a voice, a feel, and a personality that they can really connect with and that is there to hear them and not just to be seen.

What do you need to do branding on social networks?

In the first place, the vital thing to be able to make a successful branding in social networks is to know your project, who it is as a brand and to whom it goes. In other words, both the functional characteristics of the brand and the target audience must be clear.

With these couple of details, you can better determine the “personality” that the brand will have. Thus, the colors that would be more associated with your product and communication style will also end up being born. One that will also be marked by a distinctive voice that will be associated with a unique graphic identity. Those two being the pair of vital characteristics that will lodge in the minds and hearts of customers, many more than the simple characteristics of your product or service could do.

For this reason, it is simply vital that we have tools that allow us to maintain a constant graphic line that helps us generate constant branding on social networks. Hence, platforms like Canva can be our best friends. After all, even if we are new to the area, it can help us develop content with a defined graphic identity that we can maintain over time.

Tips to enhance your branding on the web

To begin with, we must be clear that the voice, colors and logo of our brand are sacred. For this reason, we must endeavor to respect them at all costs and ensure that any communication, publication or graphic element generated by the brand goes hand in hand with them.

After all, wouldn’t it be strange to see a Coca-Cola commercial in which the main character is green? Or a blue McDonalds logo? The idea of ​​a neon pink Spritte ad doesn’t seem like much of a catch, either, does it? That is simply because each of these brands already have a defined identity, and one that is also burned into our minds.

The goal of all good branding is to get there. And, in order to achieve that goal, it is necessary that we always be constant. For that, we must ensure that our identifying colors always predominate in our images and that each writing or communication “sounds like us”.

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Likewise, a very useful tip could make the profile photo of all our networks be our logo. So, post after post, people can learn to associate their shapes and colors with the experience and interactions they have there.

A secret to achieve success

Clearly, if we want to have a clear brand identity to branding on social networks, there are a lot of things that we must take into account. And it is natural that not all of us have a very good eye for design or that we are not very skilled with programs like Photoshop or Illustrator.

This is where platforms like the aforementioned Canva can come into play. Now, even though the free space is very useful, we cannot deny the superior experience that Canva Pro offers. Through a simple subscription, you will have unlimited access to a catalog of millions of templates, images, audios, editing effects and more that you can use to customize your designs and create your own graphic line.

As if that were not enough, Canva Pro learns with you and allows you to save the basic characteristics of your designs (colors, type of images, font, frequent icons, logo, etc.) in a special section of its platform. This way you will have a space in which to store all the important data and with which to guide you in order to guarantee that your visual identity is maintained over time.

In addition to all of the above, you can also save your favorite designs as templates and use them for future publications. Some that you can also program on at least 8 different social media platforms, all from Canva Pro.

If this world of possibilities catches your attention, you can buy your subscription here.