Why is Telegram replacing the Dark Web as a hackers’ favorite haunt?

We always talk about Telegram as the best messaging app in every way. Accessibility, functions, updates, we are talking about an app that is always up to date. However, recently Cyberint , a digital risk protection firm has stated that Telegram is replacing the Dark Web as a haven for hackers.

According to the firm’s studies, there has been a 100% increase in the use of Telegram by hackers, hackers and all kinds of cybercriminals.

Is Telegram the new Dark Web?
Is Telegram the new Dark Web?

One of the most important characteristics that Telegram has is its privacy based on the encryption of communications. It is precisely what caught the attention of many users and also hackers. Tal Samra, Cyber ​​Threat Analyst at Cyberint says that Telegram’s encrypted messaging has made it very attractive for fraudulent activities. In addition, a huge market for stolen data has been generated on the platform.

On the other hand, the ease of use of Telegram to establish contact with anyone, promotes these activities much more. An example of this we have in the Telegram channel called Combolist where files with filtered data of all kinds are shared. In addition, it has 47 thousand subscribers whose data cannot be seen. This shows us another reason why Telegram could be replacing the Dark Web.

In addition to the market for stolen data and hackers making all kinds of files or services available, we also have a large piracy center on Telegram. All of this is enhanced by the fact that the platform supports the heaviest files, making it possible to share anything.

From the company they indicate that they have a policy for the elimination of shared data that do not comply with the rules. They even state that their moderators have eliminated more than 10,000 public communities that did not comply with the terms and conditions. However, the fact that there are channels with stolen information for sale, piracy and channels where hackers move, account for the platform’s moderation problems.