Why is Kick fashionable? This is the alternative to Twich that sweeps streamers

 Why is Kick fashionable?  This is the alternative to Twich that sweeps streamers
why is kick fashionable? this is the alternative to twich

Although Twitch is the great reference when it comes to sharing your game streams, there is an alternative that is growing like foam. We talk about Kick, a service that has arrived like a storm to revolutionize the gaming scene.

In this way, Kick was born with the aim of positioning itself as the best alternative to twitch. And for this, this new platform has a better reward system for content creators, in addition to allowing some things that are prohibited on Twitch.

So we are going to make a short summary where you will find the main differences between Twitch and Kick so that you know which video game streaming platform is best for you.

What is Kick and how is it different from Twitch

as we told you, Kick is a gaming-oriented streaming video platform and that it works exactly the same as in the case of Twitch. To the point that the design is extremely similar to its great rival.

For a start, Kick allows what Twitch forbids. We see a good example in the Hot Tubs, those sessions of girls in a jacuzzi that ended up being banned on Twitch. Instead, Kick even has its own section for this type of content.

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Another of the biggest differences between Kick and Twitch has to do with the bets or slots. On the purple platform it is completely prohibited, but on Kick it is not. And it makes sense, since this website is owned by a conglomerate of companies specialized in sports betting.

And the other big difference is what’s causing a flood of streamers to jump from Twitch to Kick. Mainly because at the monetization level, there is no comparison.

Taking into account that Twitch keeps 50% of the profits, and Kick only 5%, In addition to the fact that the donations are entirely for the content creator (in Twitch they take 50% anyway), they make this new video platform much more profitable.

Kick is not without controversy. For example, they are pretty much ignoring DMCA notices and it is not very difficult to find channels that are broadcasting content protected by copyright.

As you may have seen, Kick has a number of advantages over Twitch, by allowing Hot Tubs, betting, and a much fairer monetization system than its great rival. Therefore, this platform will have to be followed closely, since if it gets serious with the DMCA issue, they could grow like never before.


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