Why don’t Apple users want to use Android? the reason will surprise you


There are two main systems in the mobile phone market: Android and iOS. Both systems have dedicated users who will not switch to the other no matter what. However, Apple users seem to be more loyal to iOS than Android users. As much as Android brands try to stack hardware, people who buy iPhones don’t even look at them. Many iOS users don’t even want to be convinced that Android phones aren’t what they used to be. The performance, heat dissipation and power consumption of Android phones are now much better. Even better than the iPhone in some cases. However, iPhone users are not at all interested in Android phones. The Many Layers of Android When you have an Android phone and you use an amazing feature, that feature may not be on every smartphone that uses this operating system. After all, most Android phones don’t use stock Android. Android skin of different brands have different features. Even the same system and different versions of a brand give people the impression that they all have different operating systems. With each generation and update, the changes are big. This also gives the impression that not all Android users can enjoy the best of Android. In fact, there aren’t really any impressive highlights. Also, Android brands generally like to learn from others. When one brand comes up with an idea, it isn’t long before others copy it with a few tweaks and name it as their own. It’s understandable. The market demand is tough and huge. In that sense, iPhone users do not have to worry about these problems. The complication of choosing compared to the exclusivity of the iPhone Unlike iOS, which is used by a single brand (Apple), Android has a very long list of brands that use the system. In the field of Android, choosing is very complicated. This is because you will have multiple brands of Android with multiple models all released in a short period of time. Before, it only took a few minutes to choose an Android phone. Now, there are many aspects to compare: the screen, the battery, the camera… When you do a detailed comparison between brands, you will most likely find that other brands have a similar setup. This increases confusion for users. For most users, this type of shopping experience is actually a negative score. With iPhone you are buying exclusivity and, simply, you have several models to choose from, but not different brands and companies. >

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