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Why doesn’t the data work on my mobile?

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Thanks to mobile data we have the option of connecting to the Internet without having to have a nearby Wi-Fi network. For this reason, the different operators offer gigabytes in their rates. The problem appears when overnight Mobile data doesn’t work. There are several causes that may have caused the connection failure, so it is necessary to know all of them to find a solution.

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A rate with limited or infinite data is more than necessary today, since we live in a society connected to the Internet. For this reason, it is almost unthinkable to go out with your mobile phone and not have 3G, 4G or 5G connection. However, you have noticed that the Internet does not work on your mobile when trying to send a message via WhatsApp, an email or when entering Instagram. Here you will find the causes and solutions with which you are going to fix the problem.

Do you have mobile data activated?

It may sound strange, but first of all it is Check that you have mobile data activated on your phone. Many times you may not realize that you had deactivated it when you got home to use the WiFi. It’s as simple as swiping Android quick settings and tapping the view button with the two arrows. In the case of having an iPhone, you have to open the control center and review the button for mobile gigabytes.

Also, if you have a limited data allowance, check that you have not run out of mobile gigabytes. Otherwise, there is the cause for which they do not work on your smartphone. Still not working? In this case, we must go a step further and take into account the following causes that can cause this error.

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Mobile data in Spain

bad coverage

One of the main connection problems is that mobile coverage be bad It is possible that you are in an area with little or no signal, so even if you have 4G or 5G, it will not charge you anything. In those cases you won’t be able to do much, just find another place that has a better signal. Otherwise, no matter how much you connect to the Internet with the data, nothing will be charged.

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Saturation in the mobile network

Being connected to a mobile network, it must be taken into account that other users will also be enjoying the same base station that has a series of limited resources and channels. This means that the more people there are in an area, such as a football stadium, concert, etc., the worse the signal will be. And all because of the saturation of the network. For this very reason Mobile data does not work on the phone.

WiFi channel saturation

Incident in the service

This is less frequent, but it can also be due to a incidence in the mobile service in the area where you live. If the problem continues for several hours, contact your carrier for information. Just like it can be due to a failure related to the provision of your line. It’s not the most common either, but if you call your phone company, check that your phone line is OK.

The problem is the mobile or the SIM

If you have already taken into account that it is not the fault of the line, nor of an incident and it is not due to network coverage or saturation, you have nothing left but to take a look at your smartphone and the SIM card. A software or hardware failure of the phone can cause the data to not work.

The first thing will be to remove the card and put it back to see if the mobile can be connected to the Internet without problems. In case it stays the same, restart the phone and reset network settings from the smartphone settings. The last alternative will be to go to a technical service of the mobile manufacturer if it is still under warranty or to a specialized store.

mobile Internet

Are you abroad?

Being abroad, mobile data does not work if you do not have the data roaming and roaming enabled. Not only from the smartphone settings, but you also have to enable this option within the line settings from the customer area of ​​your operator or if you prefer, you can contact your company through its service number to the client.

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