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Why does the Xiaomi 12S Ultra not arrive in Spain? We talk to Xiaomi

Why does the Xiaomi 12S Ultra not arrive in Spain?  We talk to Xiaomi
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Last month, Xiaomi presented its new flagship Xiaomi 12S Ultra in China, which stands out especially for its cameras, which have been co-developed with Leica. In particular, its wide-angle camera stands out, with a huge 1″ Sony IMX989 sensor that, for the moment, is exclusive to this phone. The rest of the cameras are not far behind either, with a telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom and an ultra wide-angle lens. This week Xiaomi has held a small presentation event for the Xiaomi 12S Ultra in Spain, even knowing that it will not be marketed in our country, so that the media had the opportunity to get to know this flagship beyond the press images.

In person, the phone does not disappoint. It is a device that attracts attention, with an attractive rear design that highlights the circular module that houses the cameras (surprise: the main camera is not the one in the center) and that seems to imitate the lens of a Leica camera. Special mention deserves the texture of the back cover, with a finish that simulates leather and reminds us of the handle of a SLR. In the session, we have been able to see, side by side, real photographs taken with the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and the Xiaomi 12S Ultra in Madrid. The result with the Xiaomi 12S Ultra impresses with the greater sharpness, the better treatment of the lights, the greater realism of the colors and, especially, for the wide dynamic range and the operation of the HDR. I wish I could have taken the phone with me for a bit to take pictures with other flagships and see if it holds up as well against the competition as it does against its predecessor.

Xiaomi has done well what Sony was not able to do

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra is not the first phone with a 1″ sensor, it is actually the third, but it arrives without any of the limitations of its predecessors. The Japan-exclusive Sharp Aquos R6 was the first to debut a 1″ sensor in mid-2021. However, it lacked phase detection focus. The Sony Xperia Pro-I was the second phone to feature a 1″ sensor. Sony announced it as “the first phone with a one-inch camera sensor and phase-detection focusing.” However, Sony played a game of misdirection in its marketing materials and spec sheet. From this website we were especially critical of this communication strategy, which was extended to self-promotional videos. Indeed, the Sony Xperia Pro-I had a 1″ sensor, which came from the company’s compact camera division, but only the central part of it was used to capture an image, which is equivalent to a 1/2 sensor. 1.3″ .

All this brings us to the Xiaomi 12S Ultra with its 1″ sensor (coincidentally, one also manufactured by Sony) with phase detection focus and, now, taking advantage of its entire surface for image capture.

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra stays in China… why?

An obligatory question during the session that we have carried out has been the reason why the Xiaomi 12S Ultra does not arrive in Spain (or in any other country). From the company, the reason they have given us is that it was a phone designed from the outset for the Chinese market, so it does not have the necessary hardware and software certifications to be launched internationally. Also from the company they also point to the difficult situation in the semiconductor market, which could hinder the global supply of a device with a camera sensor as special as the 1″ Sony IMX989. The good news is that the CEO of Xiaomi has announced that the next Ultra, which will presumably be the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, will indeed reach the global market, so you just have to have a little patience.