Why do some Android Auto apps have the icon "Q". This is its meaning

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why do some android auto apps have the icon quotqquot.webp.webp.webp

Android Auto provides us with a simple and effective interface once we connect the Android mobile phone to the screen of our car. Setting it up is very easy, because in just a few steps you will be ready to make the most of it. Now, he is receiving, as it could not be otherwise, artificial intelligence functions such as message summary.

It is not perfect, in fact it can give you some problems, both in its use and in the connection itself. On other occasions it generates doubts among users: the last one, the “P” icon that appears next to some applications. It’s nothing worrying, we still tell you what does it mean so that you take it into account if it appears on your next trip.

The enigmatic “P” icon in Android Auto: what it is and what it means

With the passing of updates, Android Auto embraces new functions and changes that come to this system for car screens. One of the latest additions is an icon that appears next to some apps compatible with Android Auto.

That is why it could be present in any of your favorite applications, those that we added to the main screen of Android Auto. However, it is not necessary to be alerted, It is not a failure nor does it imply a problem.

This icon, illustrating a capital letter “P”, is a simple indicator. What does it mean? Well, the application in question (the one that has it along with its original icon) It will only work when we park our vehicle.

Android Auto P Icon

This is how the aforementioned icon is displayed. Image from 9to5Google

It is a minor addition, without much importance, although it may seem strange at first glance. Yes indeed, some utility save: it will prevent us from tapping on those apps that, upon entering, show us a message that they do not run if we are driving.

We have the example of the Android Auto minigames, GameSnacks, which show us this message in case we do not have our car parked. It is a security measure, although the truth is that it did not make much sense for the app to appear and then deny us its use.

With the new icon, we will know in advance which ones do not work, saving us those seconds of entering, seeing the notice and closing again. This addition seems to have been implemented from version 11.4 of Android Auto, so if you have a higher version you should already see it. At the time of writing this article, version 11.5 is available.

Likewise, starting with this same version, message summaries are arriving using AI, which we have mentioned previously. Be that as it may, We have cleared up the mystery of the “P” icon in Android Auto: It will simply tell you that the application that supports it cannot be used while driving.

Via | 9to5Google

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