Why customize Google Ads Center advertising and how to do it easily


Recently, Google has begun to implement some new tools that seek to help users with the issue of adseither on YouTube, in the Google Discover feed or in Google’s own searches.

Ad Center (My Ad Center in English), that is the official name that Google has given to this advertising hub that, basically, gives the user more power in terms of the ads that each person wants to receive.

In other words, everyone can choose the type of advertising they want to see, also hiding in this way all that advertising that you do not like and that you do not want to see again. Just by signing in to Google, each user can access the Ad Center from the ads shown in the search engine, YouTube and Discover.

Once inside, you can begin to decide which are those brands and topics of interest that you have, so that later Google begins to do its job in a more consistent and precise way. In fact, Google indicates this in an informative article:

Imagine you spent months researching your last trip to the beach, and now that you’re back, you don’t want to see vacation ads. With My Ads Center, you can tap the three-dot menu next to a vacation ad and choose to see less of that type of ad. You can also choose to see ads about things that interest you, like deals on sneakers or holiday gifts for loved ones.

How to customize advertising from the Ad Center

How to customize advertising from the Ad Center

Now, to configure this Google section, it will only be necessary to open a Google tab on your computer or smartphone, then click on the buttons that They are displayed next to the account profile photo, in the upper right cornerand finally click on the tab My Ad Center.

Once inside, you will be able to notice that the section of themes for youthat is where you can choose if you want to see more ads for specific topics such as tourist attractions and destinations, music streaming and downloading, manufacturing and industrial items, among other categories.

A little further down, is the section on brands for youand as its name indicates, there you can indicate which are the brands that interest you the most in order to receive their ads more frequently.

Finally, there is the tab sensitivea place where those delicate topics to deal with (alcoholic beverages, dating, pregnancy and weight loss) are housed and that You can deactivate so that you are not shown ads related to these.

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