Why connecting to WiFi is the worst thing you can do this summer

We are about to start the month of August, the month chosen by many Spaniards to take a well-deserved break after several months of intense work. This implies that these coming days we are going to be away from home much longer than normal, which can make us visit places such as shopping centers or airports, where there are usually free Wi-Fi networks. They may seem safe, but the truth is that connecting to them is the worst thing you can do this summer.

These networks may seem, a priori, to be good options to connect to the Internet, especially if we have a device without data or we want to save it. The problem is that if we do not do this carefully or following a series of security measures, we may be in grave danger.

Be careful with public WiFi networks

The big problem with these public networks is that we usually use them as we use our data or the WiFi of our house. In other words, we do not worry about where we are accessing or what we are doing, since as we say at first, these networks may seem as secure as any other. Nothing is further from the truth, since all the operations you do with your device connected to one of these networks can be exposed.

One of the most common risks that we can face looking for public WiFi networks is to find fake networks. A cybercriminal can create a hotspot in a public place that can be accessed even without a password, and by connecting to it we are giving them access to everything we do with our device. Sometimes, these tend to clone networks of this type to confuse people who are simply looking to access free WiFi.

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Finding false networks is not the only danger that we can face. We can also suffer what is known as attacks Man in the Middle (MitM), where the cybercriminal manages to sneak between the communications of our device and the other end, being able to intercept all the data transmitted between both. In addition, this type of network also allows these undesirables to distribute malware and use all kinds of techniques to steal our data.

Browse safely using this

If, despite the risks involved, you still want to continue using a public WiFi network to browse, there is something you can use to make the connection to it much more secure. The best solution you will find for this goes through install a VPN on your mobile phone. These are normally used to access content that is restricted according to the geographical position in which you are. However, they are much more useful than that and in fact they are the best option that we can use to navigate using a public WiFi network.

This is due to its operation, since these VPNs connect to a server that acts as a private tunnel, and through this tunnel the information travels encrypted. This data encryption is precisely what makes using a VPN so secure. There are many options that you can use for VPN for your mobile phone, both paid and free. It is true that the paid ones have fewer limitations than the free ones, but if you are only looking to connect to a public WiFi network safely, a free one will suffice.

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