Why choose a cash register on an Android or iOS tablet?

why choose a cash register on an android or ios tablet
why choose a cash register on an android or ios tablet

What if your touchscreen tablet was transformed into cash register software for your business? This is a versatile and innovative alternative that meets the needs of entrepreneurs today and tomorrow.

Being able to move from one place to another, benefit from a low-cost cash register tool, save space and maintain up-to-date accounting. So many benefits promised by the mobile cash register.

Sales methods are evolving…

… And collection operations too. We are already familiar with mobile payment terminals, small boxes that allow you to pay by credit card in just a few moments. These more modern business methods are improving with the ability to now use a touchscreen tablet, with Android or iOS operating systems, as a cash register.

In points of sale, restaurants and businesses, the computerized cash register  processes all financial transactions after the sale of a good or service. This essential equipment records and provides all data related to items or services purchased, quantities, prices, current promotional discounts as well as payment methods used by customers.

The tablet cash register now allows entrepreneurs and business leaders to keep their cash management tool within reach. We think, for example, of catering professions, hairdressers, local shops and itinerant salespeople.

This is a service offered by Easyshop, a company specializing in the customization of checkout tools. This versatile equipment has the particularity of being scalable and includes a certain number of functionalities:

  • reliable management of stocks and products sold or available;
  • the ability to offer multiple payment options to customers;
  • the issuance of a summary report of the sales and transactions that have taken place;
  • easy integration with accounting software to ensure optimal monitoring;
  • the connection with other equipment necessary for the smooth running of the activity such as the ticket printer , the payment terminal or the barcode reader.

The advantages of the mobile cash register

This efficient alternative increases mobility and is a good reason to get rid of a bulky or obsolete cash register. More discreet and much less bulky, this integrated tablet-based checkout device frees up space on the counter or even allows you to not have any at all! Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection options make data transmission easy, regardless of the tablet’s location.

Some merchants use this professional solution as an additional tool for temporary points of sale (craft markets in the summer for example) or frequent trips (demonstrations at fairs or seasonal events ) . Compact, lightweight and easy to carry, these tablets follow you everywhere.

Another advantage: the cost. Prices are more affordable than traditional cash registers. In addition, the monthly payment of the software offers the possibility of paying only for the resources used and of controlling the company’s cash flow.

Finally, the scalable nature of these tablet-based cash registers guarantees scalable or corrective updates, ensures data security and provides access to new modules in line with new developments!


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