Why can’t I see a contact’s photo or information on WhatsApp?

I can't see photo whatsapp information contact

WhatsApp is the messaging app par excellence, the one that practically all of us use on a day-to-day basis, and from which each novelty that reaches the market has an extraordinary impact. But it is also true that there are times when we do not know why we cannot access depending on what options with our contacts. One of them is what we are going to see next: What is happening to not being able to see anything from a contact?

If we don’t see your photo on WhatsApp, it’s weird…

We have all come to have a contact that, even if we have it scheduled, we don’t see your profile picture on WhatsApp. It is very rare that some of our contacts do not have a profile picture, so for those who do not, why is this happening? And what’s worse: is it also related to the information that I can’t see either?

The truth is yes. But let’s go by parts. And it is that, as in the case of a personal profile, the rest of the contacts in the application have a WhatsApp profile where they show various personal information, which gives us an idea of ​​the person they are dealing with.

These are just some of the most frequent doubts among users of the application, who wonder why this happens and if it is a matter of their phone or if there is a rational explanation.

What is happening

At the same time, you should know that it is very common to change the profile photo and name, using Android or iPhone, however, we find it curious when we add a new contact and realize that it does not have a profile photo. Or on the contrary, when we have been in contact for a long time and, suddenly, we stopped seeing your profile picture and status.

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The answers to this last question they are very varied, but they are easy to figure out. Of course; the photo is something personal of a person, so it is always in the power of that same person to give permission so that certain contacts do not see it. But there are other reasons that we are going to discover.

WhatsApp contact information why

privacy settings

In the first place, and from what we have learned, its use depends on the degree of privacy that we want to maintain, what we offer and what we hide from the world, and how we want other users to interact digitally with us. This learning takes time.

This is why, according to what they explain from the official WhatsApp blog, the profile information visible to all contacts will depend on the privacy settings that are available. configured the contact.

Or what is the same; if that user chose to hide the last time, profile picture, personal information, status, or read receipts from others, for example, then no one can see that information.

Problems with your connection?

It would be rare for your connection to fail so badly that you lose the ability to see photos of your WhatsApp contacts, but it does happen, especially in areas with a poor coveragewhich 5G does not reach.

If your balance is depleted or arrears across our borders, your connection will be more limited and could affect your use of phone applications. It is possible that the person whose photos you cannot see on WhatsApp has capped the data connection of your phone to save kb on your monthly bill.

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Your contact does not have a profile picture

Just as WhatsApp conversations can be deleted, it is also possible delete a profile picture so that no user can see it. This is not usually that common, but there is the possibility that your contact has deleted his profile photo and has forgotten to put another one or simply does not want to have a profile photo and for that reason you cannot see said photo.

It is also possible that new contacts do not know how to set a profile picture and for this reason you cannot see it. This tends to happen more often with older people who are not very familiar with technology.

Your contact has blocked you

This is one of the most common alternatives in case the relationship between you and that contact is not the best. If you were able to see the profile picture on WhatsApp, the information and the status of a contact and suddenly stop seeing it, it is most likely that this person I have blocked you of your network.

One way to check this is by sending him a message, if he never shows the double checkthen you can be sure that person blocked you.