Why buy a smart watch or smartband: the ten most useful functions beyond sports

home automation control. Although here we have to go to the most powerful models, with operating systems like Wear OS, being able to control home automation from our watch is very convenient, especially for quick actions, such as turning off a light that we had left on.

As can be seen, These devices can be used for many things in our daily lives., in addition to allowing us to see the time or manage certain health parameters. Added to this is the large number of customization options they usually have, from straps of different colors and textures to screen designs, with digital figures, others that emulate traditional watch hands, etc.

The last thing to take into account is the price.. Bracelets are cheaper, but they also have fewer features, especially compared to watches with advanced operating systems. For their part, they have the great advantage of having much more autonomy, so if you do not want to have to charge the watch daily or every few days, the best thing is a bracelet or a watch with a simple operating system, like those from Amazfit .

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