Why Apple Threatened To Withdraw From The UK


According to some reports, Manzana warned a court of the UK that you could withdraw from the country if you would have to pay a huge patent license fee.

Apple threatens to leave the UK

The manufacturer of the iPhone is being sued by the company Optis Cellular Technology by patents that Apple says are invalid because they cover standard cellular wireless technology.

However, a UK court ruled in June that Apple devices infringe patents. A follow-up test in 2022 will determine the amount of outstanding fees owed, but could reach $ 7 billion, according to the site. This is Money.

And this amount is only for past rates. Apple would have to continue to pay Optis for each cellular-capable device it sells worldwide in the future.

Marie Demetriou, a lawyer for Apple, warned that if the license fee is too high, the company would consider withdrawing all its products from the UK.

“Our position is that they should reflect on the terms and decide whether it is commercially correct to accept them or they could leave the UK market”Demetriou said.

Questions naturally arise as to whether this amounts to more than just skill at the game. Apple’s attorney is negotiating the lowest rate she can get.

Optis Cellular Technology He also charged them with patent infringement in a US court, but Cupertino regularly faces similar lawsuits from many companies.

This is not because they ignore patent laws, but because some are too broad and apparently give their owners ownership of commonly used technology.

The entire business model for some companies is to buy the rights to these patents and then sue other companies for infringing them; they turned out well “abused”.