Who is who in the “Wallpapergate”, the scandal that puts Boris Johnson on the ropes

who is who in the wallpapergate the scandal that puts boris johnson on the ropes
who is who in the wallpapergate the scandal that puts boris johnson on the ropes

The scandal involves a colorful gallery of characters: from the prime minister to a decorator to a billionaire lord.


The latest political upheaval to shake the British prime minister, Boris johnson, the controversial works carried out at his official home in Downing Street, has put the leader and the Conservative Party under the suspected violations of ethical rules.

The scandal involves a colorful gallery of characters, from the prime minister to a decorator to a billionaire lord. These are the protagonists of the so-called “Wallpapergate” (the case of wall paper):

Boris johnson

The prime minister is at the center of the controversy for not having declared how he paid for the renovations undertaken at his residence in Downing Street, subject of an investigation.

The conservative leader has insisted in recent days that he paid “personally” for those jobs and is trying to get out of a scandal that could affect your popularity levels, when there are just days until the next local and regional elections in the United Kingdom.

The scandal adds to other recent leaks that Johnson has had to deal with, such as the one that claims he claimed that prefers to have “piles of corpses” to decree a new confinement in October.

Dominic cummings

Doubts about the controversial reform of the official apartment of the “premier” and his partner, Carrie Symonds, soared last week, when the former Johnson’s main adviser and Brexit ideologist, Dominic Cummings, accused him in an inflammatory message from have searched last year that “donors pay secretly” for the works and claimed that he had warned him that this would be “probably illegal”.

Under British law, Heads of Government receive up to 30,000 pounds (34,500 euros) to decorate his official Downing Street residence. In this case, the national media assured that the reform in question undertaken by Johnson and Symonds far exceeded that figure. until reaching an additional 58,000 pounds (66,000 euros).

After his controversial November exit from Downing Street, Cummings has become with his leaks a spanking for johnson and in an even greater threat than that of the Labor opposition.

Carrie Symonds

Johnson’s partner and mother of their young son, Wilfred, was reportedly the works supervisor in the official apartment.

His known differences with Cummings caused him to leak “pearls” to the media aimed at damaging Symonds’ reputation. Among them, he commented that Johnson’s then fiancée’s taste in interior decorating was inspired by designer Lulu Lytle, and that she set out to “eliminate the nightmare of John Lewis-style furniture (popular department stores) from the time of ( former Prime Minister) Theresa May. ”

Lulu lytle

Lytle, 49, is the designer who is behind the refurbishment work performed at Johnson’s home.

She is co-founder and director of the company Soane Britain, a firm that, according to its official website, “designs and manufactures furniture, upholstery, lighting, fabrics, wall-papering and interior needs.”

Born in Worcestershire and specializing in Egyptology from University College London, she also has a background in antiquities.

Lytle is married to Charles Patrick, a veteran investment banker at Goldman Sachs, and the couple have three teenage children. They live in a valued property at 4 million pounds (4.6 million euros) close to the central London park of Hyde Park.

Lord David Brownlow

According to the latest list of the richest in the United Kingdom released in 2020 by the British Sunday The Sunday Times, Lord Brownlow has an estimated fortune of 247 million pounds (284 million euros).

It was he who allegedly donated the 58,000 pounds (66,784 euros) to the Conservative Party to pay for the controversial works, an amount practically insignificant to him compared to the almost 3 million pounds (3.4 million euros) that over the years he has donated to the “Tories”.

According to a source “well connected with that party” mentioned in the newspaper today The Times, the donor “has gone to great lengths to cheat on all the Conservative prime ministers in recent years.”

Ben elliot

Ben Elliot, co-chair of the Tory Party, was apparently always aware of plans to finance the renovation undertaken at Johnson’s apartment and he was also aware of the donation of 58,000 pounds provided by Brownlow.

In this gearing of political connections, Elliot, co-founder of the London-based company Quintessentially – which offers luxury concierge services – moves like a fish in water through social circles in which members of the royal family, characters of the City of London – financial center – and the governing Conservative Party.

He is also the nephew of the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, wife of the heir to the British throne, Charles of England.

Your email address was copied to a email sent by Brownlow to the person in charge of raising funds for the “tories”, Mike Chattey, accessed by the British tabloid Daily Mail, dated October 14, 2020.

According to Thursday The Times, in that email the donor Brownlow expresses his intention to donate 15,000 pounds, but also refers to the aforementioned sum of 58,000 pounds “for cover payments the party has already made on behalf of the soon-to-be Downing Street Foundation. ”