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Victoria Anatolyevna Bonya (born October 27, 1979) is a Russian TV presenter, model, blogger and businesswoman. She gained fame after participating in the Dom-2 project on the TNT channel. Now, in order to maintain her former glory, Bonya, with the fuse of a neophyte, gets into all sorts of scandals – she accuses Bill Gates of chipping people and reveals the 5G towers conspiracy, then she participates in dubious retreats and talks about Harvey Weinstein’s harassment of her person.

Biography of Victoria Boni and her career

Victoria was born in the small town of Krasnokamensk in the Chita region. The girl grew up without a father, was brought up by her grandmother and mother. With the latter, she moved to Moscow at the age of 16 and got a job as a waitress in one of the restaurants on Stary Arbat. A little later, she entered MGUPP at the Faculty of Economics and began to break into the modeling business.

In 2001, Victoria Bonya participated in the Miss Earth contest , but did not even make it to the top 10. In 2004, according to some reports, she graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of MITRO, having received the specialty “television and radio journalist”.

The first television program in which Bonya participated was the infamous Dom-2. In just 16 years of her career, the girl took part in 18 television shows, among which are the Great Olympic Races, Fort Boyard. Return “and” Stars in Africa “.

Victoria Bonya also starred in films, TV shows and videos. The most popular works are “Univer”, “Maximum impact” by Alexander Nevsky, the clip “Nado Li” by Yegor Creed. And in 2018, she was noted for the fact that she uttered a swear word live on Russia 1.

Covid dissidence, Bill Gates and 5G towers

In 2020, Victoria Bonya was inspired by the conspiracy theory about chipping people through covid vaccinations (they say that Bill Gates is behind all this). Moreover, in her opinion, it was possible to control the chips through the new 5G towers, which were then installed throughout the country to amplify the signal and speed up the mobile Internet.

“People, wake up! We are being bullied. And our children in the future will no longer be able to have children with such consequences that will be after using such technologies !!! ”, she wrote on her social network.

True, when Victoria Bonya was warned that vaccination was necessary for work in Europe, Victoria very quickly went to the first hospital and still “chipped”.

Dubious trips of Victoria Boni

Victoria Bonya actively shares information about the prohibited substances that she uses. In the first drug trips, it was ayahuasca, a decoction produced by Indian tribes. Its main ingredients – plants containing DMT (dimethyltryptamine) – are banned in most countries, including Russia.

Bonya was also “applied” to the San Pedro cactus (banned in Russia and other countries, as it contains a psychedelic drug) and a psychedelic toxin that is secreted by one of the toads in South America (the substance can kill a small animal, even a dog)

Victoria Bonya, according to her, uses all narcotic substances for religious purposes, for “purification of consciousness” and “rebirth”. At the same time, she tells in detail how this “rebirth” happened and what knowledge was revealed to her.

The Moscow prosecutor’s office did not appreciate the rebirth and on August 2 began checking against Victoria Boni because of the likely propaganda of drugs and psychotropic substances. If the administrative offense is confirmed, Bonya faces a fine. True, the lawyers interviewed by The Secret believe that a criminal case is also possible – if it is proved that Bonya persuaded people to use these substances.

Bonya not only talks about her experience, but also constantly gathers groups for some “retreats with shamans” and “ceremonies with Madre”. The program usually includes ayahuasca, the same cactus and other dubious things. The cost of retreats is from €4200.

What else does Victoria Bonya earn?

Like many media people, Victoria Bonya receives a significant part of her income from advertising on social networks. In 2019 and 2020, she was included in the list of the richest bloggers on Instagram (banned and blocked, owned by Meta, the organization was recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation) according to the Russian Forbes. In 2019, Boni was in 14th place and earned $410,000, in 2020 it is already in 13th place and $540,000.

Scandals and conflicts of Victoria Boni

Victoria Boni’s statements often become a reason for loud discussions in the press – and not only about covid, but also about government decisions.

In 2020, against the background of the pandemic, Vladimir Putin proposed fixing the minimum wage at the subsistence level (that is, increasing it), and this angered Bonya. In her social network, she shared the idea that it would be better if the state helped businessmen – their business stopped for 2 months. These are normal working people. And those for whom the state raises the minimum wage are alcoholics and rogues.

“Why does the state decide what the minimum wage should be for crooked alcoholics? If your salary is worth ten, you should be getting ten, in my opinion. And so the money is handed out to all sorts of idlers, drunks, drug addicts, who are breeding more and more, just because they live in Russia , ”said Victoria Bonya. Many businessmen with whom she communicates, according to her, are of the same opinion.

The rating was not updated later. How much money a promoted account brings to her now is unknown. Bonya does not seek to advertise the amounts.

_“I never said how much money I earn. <…> I was surprised how they (Forbes. – Approx. “Secret”) generally considered it. I also have foreign accounts, maybe they can’t count them. I never said anywhere where I work, did not show my corners, wardrobes. Yes, I showed it once (a house in Monaco. – Approx. “Secret”), and that’s all, ” Victoria Bonya explained in an interview for Fame TV.

And she doesn’t earn money from social networks, TV shows and retreats alone. Bonya also created her own cosmetics, clothes, the psychological course “Woman in a Million” and face fitness training. Reviews for cosmetics are not bad, but with clothes, probably not everything was set.

In 2018, one of the customers took a cashmere suit bought at Victoria Boni’s store for 33,000 rubles for examination. Bottom line: cashmere content – 0%, wool content – 0%. The suit is made of synthetic materials.

The face fitness course is significant in that Victoria Bonya earned $ 50,000–200,000 per month from it, which the girl told about in an interview . Face fitness is a set of techniques that are supposed to help you change the shape of your face at home. At the same time, Victoria Bonya uses Botox, which the girl told about on her social network (recall that Botox blocks muscles or greatly reduces their activity, which does not fit in with fitness a bit).

The course “Woman in a Million” Victoria Bonya conducted twice. Reviews about the “Woman in a Million” are standard for most information courses – a lot of water, information copied from other coaches, too high expectations. However, if someone wants to hear about “moving from point A to point B”, “the power of thoughts” and “how to make a million out of 1 ruble”, then part of the course can be found in the public domain on YouTube.

Now, in the counterparty verification service, Victoria Bonya is listed as the head of VBZH (clothing and footwear trade), as the founder of FaceSculptor (in the process of liquidation) and as an individual entrepreneur.

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