Where to see Real Madrid or Barça? JustWatch tells you: new sports broadcast search engine

Within the streaming applications, JustWatch is an excellent platform to find out which service this or that movie is on, as well as the different seasons of the series. And now it goes much further with the new sports list: JustWatch finds out where the next football matches and Formula 1 races are broadcast.

Imagine that you want to watch a movie and you don’t know which streaming app you can watch it on. Digging into the catalog of Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Movistar Plus+… can be torture, quite the opposite of what happens with applications like JustWatch: a search is enough to know where the content is hosted. With one drawback: until now it was only compatible with movies, series and documentaries, not with sporting events. Until now.

JustWatch Sport: where to watch sports broadcasts live

Justwatch Sport

If the catalogs of movies and series change owners almost every year, imagine the sports rights, it is very difficult to keep track of which platforms broadcast or not the different meetings or races. In fact, in Spain it is almost impossible to see all of LaLiga from one place, for example.

With the inherent difficulty of accessing sporting events, JustWatch launches its Sport section to shed some light on those looking for a platform to watch their favorite team. With JustWatch Sport, currently in beta and accessible through the web, it is possible search by event so you know where to see it. At the moment, different European men’s soccer leagues, the women’s European Championship and the UEFA Conference League are available, although the range of possibilities will open up as the company expands the compatible sports. Formula 1 is confirmed.

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According to JustWatch, with Sport, fans in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain will have access to search for broadcasts for football matches and Formula 1 races. JustWatch allows searching by streaming platform, by match and also by league; offering the option to add reminders so as not to miss any event and with the subscription or rental prices available in the information. Of course, for the notices it is essential to make an account (JustWatch can be used without user).

Justwatch Sport

Currently, JustWatch Sport is in beta and through the web; although it works perfectly on mobile using the browser (and with an interface identical to that of the applications). You have to remember that JustWatch only informs where the content can be found, it does not offer playback directly. Its use is completely free.