Where is your online order? Gmail gives you the answer

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Gmail is one of the most used email platforms in the world and offers many features to help you in your day to day. With Gmail you can have all these functions: Send and receive emails Organize your messages in folders Perform advanced searches Create filters to categorize your messages Schedule appointments with integrated Google Calendar Use a chat to communicate with your contacts Integrate other Google services such as Google Drive and Google Keep In addition, Gmail offers extensive security and protection against spam and phishing. With all these features, Gmail is a valuable tool for any user looking for a complete solution for their email needs. However, there is an option that always goes unnoticed: tracking your orders online. Find out how to activate package tracking in Gmail! Several months ago, in November 2022, Google carried out a very interesting update to Gmail. It was an ideal tool with which, through your email, you can locate where your online orders were. Surprisingly though, the ‘big G’ defaulted to having this packet sniffing feature turned off. By default, this is how we are going to find this tool. However, activating it is very simple. This is how you can activate the function of tracking your orders online in Gmail: Open the application Go to settings Click on “Your email address” Go to “Shipping tracking” Activate the option But, you may be wondering, how does it work? Well, it is just as simple as the activation procedure. Once the tool is activated, Google will crawl all your Gmail to discover what are the tracking numbers of the shipments that you have pending. So you can manage those pending shipments without having to leave the app. Knowing where your orders are… It’s essential! Knowing the status of your shipments online is crucial in today’s digital age. It allows you to keep accurate track of your packages, which ensures better organization and planning. In addition, it gives you the peace of mind of knowing where your shipment is at all times and if it will arrive on time. It also allows you to resolve any problem or incident quickly and efficiently. In short, knowing the status of your shipments online is an essential part of any purchase or shipping process, and helps you maintain control over your purchases and deliveries. To top it off, doing it without having to leave Gmail… It’s a luxury for the user! >

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