Where do you buy more cheap phones and more expensive phones?


In which regions do users buy more high-end phones and in which the percentage of cheap mobile sales is higher? The answer to these two questions can be found in the study “Trends in the use of mobile devices” that has been prepared by Rentik, pioneer mobile phone rental service in Spain.

The Valencian Community is the Spanish region where more high-end mobile phones are purchased

The data has been provided at the request of TreceBits and is included in a report with very interesting conclusions. According to this company, the Valencian Community is the Spanish region in which the most expensive mobile phones are purchased. Up to 3.15% of the region’s inhabitants have purchased a high-end smartphone in recent years, valued at more than 1,300 euros.

The Valencian Community is followed by Galicia (3.03%), Andalusia (2.22%), the Basque Country (1.79%), the Community of Madrid (1.71%) and Catalonia (1.02%). The study also analyzes which are the regions in which the majority of the inhabitants have opted for a low-cost phone when making their purchases in recent years.

This is the case of Extremadura, where 64.29% of the citizens surveyed had spent less than 500 euros when purchasing their mobile phone. They are followed on this occasion by Galicia (62.21%) and Murcia (58.97%).

These are just some data that are extracted from a very dense report that analyzes the way in which mobile devices are used in Spain. According to the study, almost 70% of Spaniards believe that mobile phones are excessively expensive. In addition, almost 40% of Spaniards are willing to switch to mobile leasing.

This modality of mobile phone consumption, which is inspired by the renting of other products, such as cars, allows you to enjoy a new mobile phone every two years by paying a monthly fee. The device is no longer purchased in cash, but is paid a monthly amount for its use and can be changed whenever desired. If it is done before two years, you have to pay a supplement, and if not, it is only necessary to pay the monthly amount for the new device, choosing it from a very wide catalog of terminals.

The study by Rentik, a pioneer company in offering mobile phone leasing services, indicates that today almost half of Spaniards already use pay-per-use services, a figure that rises to 66% in the case of young people. In this sense, movies and series on audiovisual content streaming platforms, music, cloud technology… have ceased to be products to become services.

This is the philosophy of Renting, which aims to pay only for the service that is used. According to the study, 48% of those surveyed want to release their next mobile phone, something that renting makes possible. In addition, 81% of those surveyed do not get any performance out of their mobile after using it. Therefore, more than an investment, it is an expense from which most people do not recover their money. Only 13% of those surveyed sell it later and for a much lower price, since it is a good that, despite being more expensive year after year, is also a device that, once used, loses its value.

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