Where are downloads saved on an Android mobile

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Know how to find the files that we download to our android mobile is really important if we don’t want to waste time. For this reason, applications like Telegram have their own download manager to make our lives easier. Logically, not all apps offer the facilities of Telegram, and this is when knowing how to locate downloads on a smartphone is vital.

Managing your downloaded files on mobile is a simple task when it comes to Android.

Downloading content when you browse the Internet has become a daily activity, but the problem is that sometimes you can forget where the documents you just downloaded are saved. Whatever your problem, we’ll tell you what to do to manage what you download and save space on your mobile smartly. Let us begin!

Use the file manager of your Android mobile

– Enter the “Files” application, then click on the “Downloads” category.

– By default, you will see each of the files you have downloaded in the “All” section.

– Tap on the “Download” tab to view the documents in that specific folder.

Access internal storage

– Enter the “Files” application on your mobile, access the “Explore” section and lower the cursor.

– In the “Storage devices” section, click on “Internal storage”.

– Choose the “Downloads” folder.

– You will see the options “Internal storage”, “Download”. Any of them will take you to the files you have downloaded, although you will now have access to the internal storage.

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– To see the location of your “Downloads” folder, tap on the three dots next to the documents and go to “File information”. The route: /storage/emulated/0/Download, it will take you to all the content you have downloaded. That is the default location where the Android OS saves the documents you download.

How to move the downloaded files on your Android mobile?

– Tap on the three dots to the right of the document you want to move.

– Choose “Internal storage” at the bottom.

– Navigate to the internal storage and click on the folder or location where you want to move the file.

– Click on the “Move here” button to be transported to the selected place.