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When is the year roundup 2022 released on Spotify?

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One of the moments most anticipated by Internet users each year is the launch by Spotify of the “Recap of the Year” (also known in English as “Spotify Wrapped”). The music streaming platform allows each of its more than 300 million users to see an analysis of how their musical habits have been in the last 12 months.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 is about to be released

Each year it does it in a different way and gives access to different infographics and graphs that allow you to know, for example, which songs have been the most listened to, which artists have been the most listened to, how much time you have spent listening to music on the platform, which podcast has been the most listened to…

All the information is presented in a very attractive visual way and in a format that allows easy sharing on social networks. For days, and until the end of the year, Instagram Stories, Twitter posts… are filled with users sharing their summary of the year on Spotify.

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This year 2022 Spotify has not yet announced a confirmed date for when it will launch “Spotify Wrapped” for each user, but it is already starting to warm up. In fact, in his Spotify Wrapped page, from where the data is accessed, there is already an announcement that “it is coming”. It shouldn’t be long, but in the meantime, Spotify redirects the user to the 2021 data, so that they remember how they listened to the platform a year ago.

Spotify Year in Review

If you can’t wait to receive the data for 2022, it can be a way to satisfy your curiosity. You can also check out these interesting web pages where you can get data about your Spotify account, like knowing the most listened to artists and songs so far this year or graphing your Spotify usage data.

As soon as 2022’s “Spotify Wrapped” is available, we will update this information.

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In this video, we also told you how to see Spotify’s Summary of the Year in previous years:

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