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WhatsApp will soon allow the sending of photos in original quality

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whatsapp gb0205eddf 1280.jpg

On WhatsApp, the popular Meta Platforms messaging platform, it is common for users to share personal photos of specific moments with their family and/or friends, depending on the conversations they are carrying out, although until now they did not have a native way to send photos in their original quality, having to resort to some simple tricks.

And it is that so far, the most that WhatsApp allows you to select when sending a photo is at maximum quality, an option in which there is also a level of compression, although it is not as aggressive as in the other options.

What is to come

Well, now WABetaInfo has found evidence in the new beta of the WhatsApp application for Android that this popular messaging platform is working on a new option that will allow you to select sending photos in their original quality.

At the moment, this option is not available even for users of the beta version, although its arrival is expected soon for this group of users, to later make its official landing before the rest of the users once it becomes stable. .

The moment in which it will begin to be available to all users is unknown to date, so we will have to wait for the updates to come until the specific update arrives in which users can finally send photos with the same quality with the one that was taken

Meanwhile, all that remains is to change their extensions to document extensions to attach them as such when sending them on iOS, while on Android it is much easier, where simply attaching them as documents will suffice.

Let’s hope that the WhatsApp team will continue with this development (they can always back out along the way) and it won’t take long to bring this news to all users.

More information: WABetaInfo