WhatsApp will offer more options to draw on photos and videos, which ones?

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WhatsApp has a fun function that we can use when we are going to add a photo or a video and that allows us to doodle anything on it. It is very useful to point out something important in that image, or to write a personalized message to someone so that it sticks on their head.

In the same way, any other similar multimedia content that reaches us in a chat, we can return it manipulated with those same tools that right now are limited to a single type of brush, standard, and a color selection that puts in our hands practically any tone that comes to mind. Now, what are they going to improve from the apps to allow us to enjoy more resources?

thicker or finer

What WABetAInfo colleagues have found is nothing more than a small extended catalog of utilities to draw on photos and videos of those we send through WhatsApp. Specifically, two new brushes that are going to offer us the possibility of drawing a little thicker or thinner than the only one we had available until now.

New drawing tools in WhatsApp.

New drawing tools in WhatsApp. WABetAInfo

As you can see by the capture that you have just above, now instead of a single brush to write on the screen, we will have three that increase or decrease the thickness of what we paint or write. With that, and with the color selector that you can see in the upper right, WhatsApp completes the catalog of options that we will have to personalize content in chats and groups.

Obviously we are talking about functions that have been seen in the versions of WhatsApp for Android, so we can expect them to be implemented over the next few weeks. Those of Facebook are not that they are very fast since they include the improvements in the beta versions until they reach the releases from the App Store and the Play Store, but this time we could see it sooner than expected.

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This function is especially interesting for re-sharing an image or video in the same chat to which we want to add remarks or comments, which makes the rest of the members of the conversation pay attention to exactly what we want. For example to pinpoint a GPS point on a map capture, or a correction of something that is wrong and we need to change. Even so, despite these additions, the WhatsApp editor is still quite short and doesn’t exactly claim to be an infinite catalog of drawing tools.