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WhatsApp will make sending images much better without losing quality

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Among the many novelties WhatsApp is working on to offer more options to users and not lose distance from its rivals (such as Telegram), one has just been discovered that is most interesting and that has to do with something that It is done in a very common way in the messaging application: sending images. We tell you what it is. Specifically, we are talking about those that are made with the aim of not losing quality compared to the original. This is achieved by sending the image as if it were a file, instead of choosing the specific option for multimedia content (where a compression is performed that is not always positive). And, the truth is that the additions that have been seen in the information source are the most interesting because they are very useful. The two improvements WhatsApp is working on The first thing is that once you select the image, you go to a new screen where you can do different things (as with other types of files and to date with this type of content did not occur). An example is that a new button with the name of the recipient appears in the lower area. This, apart from being informative, allows you to change it if you wish -or add others- simply by pressing it. Without a doubt, this was something necessary, since before there was no way to regret what was chosen. Additionally, in WhatsApp they will offer the possibility of writing a text that accompanies the image file. This was vital to be able to explain the reason for the shipment or add important information for the recipient. Therefore, what is equal here is what is possible to do with the multimedia contents that are attached. Another good decision, especially now that large files can be sent in the messaging application (up to 2GB). And, this has led many to routinely use lossless delivery when sending an image. An arrival that may take time… but not long As this information has been taken from a test version of WhatsApp, the new option that we have talked about is not yet available to everyone. What’s more, it’s not fully functional in any of the beta versions of the app we’re talking about. In any case, taking into account that we are talking about modifications that are minor -since they are not functional-, it is certain that before the end of this year the novelties that have been detected can be taken advantage of. >

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