WhatsApp will make it clear to you when a notification is for a reply or a mention

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WhatsApp seems to have entered a spiral of changes that will not leave a puppet with a head, especially in that part of the notifications that have been the same for practically years. And it is that if a few days ago we told you that they prepare modifications in the elements that are part of those notices that reach our smartphone when we have it blocked, now things seem to go one step further.

The fact is that one of the big problems with WhatsApp notifications is that It is not clear to us at a glance what has arrived. Yes, we can see the chat or group that the notification reaches, perhaps the name of the sender and a bit of the text that it adds, or the type of content if it is an image, a video, a voice note, etc. Now, from Facebook they want all those alerts to be much clearer and more precise.

Responses and mentions

This is how things are, and as WABetaInfo colleagues have revealed, WhatsApp will modify the notifications to specify the type of message we receive, depending on what it is, so that we can discriminate at a glance the importance or not of going to consult it at that time. As you can see from the screenshots that you have just below, the app Messaging will be able to anticipate if it is a response message to another that we have sent before or if they are mentioning us in a chat.

New WhatsApp notifications.

New WhatsApp notifications. WABetaInfo

Remember that this function of someone expressly asking us to tell them something is done by writing the “@” followed by the name of our contact, which generates a clearly visible notification in the chat. That, until now, did not reach the notifications, so it is an important update that may indicate the urgency, or not, that we attend to a specific message.

This novelty has been seen, as in the case of the change of the icons of the groups in the notifications, in the iPhone beta, so It remains to be seen if it is an exclusive enhancement to Apple devices or if we really have a similar modification in Android. Remember that in the Google OS the notification system is different and, with total security, you will need a review process adjusted to what the users of that platform may need. As always, these changes could take a few weeks until we make them available in the app officers.