WhatsApp will have its own chat to do surveys, what is the goal?

The WhatsApp company is working on a very interesting way to find out what the users who use its messaging service think (and all the additional things that you can enjoy with it right now). And the truth is that the idea is quite good if it finally sees the light. We tell you what it is. Currently, the way to contact WhatsApp is not exactly very fast and efficient, especially if you take into account how the app itself works. Emails or messages from the web are the ways in which the firm knows about the problems and is capable of “pulsing” the opinion that users have with its services. But this is something that will change in a short time, as it has been known. And the truth is that the idea looks pretty good. WhatsApp’s own new chat for a new task The idea that the company that is now owned by Meta is working on is to create its own chat in which to send surveys directly to users. In this way, you can know in a fairly precise way what they think about it, the changes that have been made and, perhaps most importantly, those that are to come. And, all this, from a chat with the usual format and that will count as a security certificate because it will be verified. Something important about this novelty is that WhatsApp itself will be able to vary the users whose opinion it asks, so it will be able to broaden the spectrum of the surveys at its discretion (both in size and in the diversity of the participants). In addition, as it is a traditional chat, those who are contacted will have the possibility of refusing to participate in the surveys, something that is important because in this way the privacy of each and every one of the users that the application of Messenger service. Something important to know about this new option in which WhatsApp works is that it will not serve as direct contact with the company, since if so, the barrage of questions and complaints that may arrive through the route that will be opened would make the functionality with the that is created was not adequate. Therefore, if you thought that you could assault the firm from the chat, this will not be possible because only surveys will be presented. It is in the testing phase As noted in the source of the information, at the moment this new tool is not available to all users and, for the moment, only a select few can see it in the WhatsApp test itself. Of course, due to the little difficulty that the inclusion of this option has, it will surely not take long for the firm to launch this communication system through surveys in stable development, which will surely serve to improve the improvement objectives it has. >