WhatsApp will change forever in March: it will be compatible with Telegram and other messaging apps

whatsapp will change forever in march it will be compatible.webp.webp.webp
whatsapp will change forever in march it will be compatible.webp.webp.webp

2024 will not only bring us many new devices, but also the forever change of applications and services due to the new Digital Markets Law, or DMA. It is the same regulation that will force Apple open the iPhone to download apps from outside the App Store or open iMessage to RCS messages with Android.

Also, WhatsApp will have the biggest change in its history. Very soon we will be able to talk to contacts from any messaging application without leaving WhatsApp itself, and this is something that Meta had been preparing for for years. Now they have made it official and explained how it will work.

Talk to Telegram or Line contacts without leaving WhatsApp

The objective of the European Union is to avoid monopolistic practices and make the lives of users simpler. For this reason, and because WhatsApp is one of the most widespread applications in Europe, it was decided that it should be one of those that was opened to the rest.

This interoperability will mean that WhatsApp must allow communication with other messaging apps, which means it will enable sending and receiving messages from WhatsApp with other applications. Obviously, from Telegram, for example, we can also send a message to a WhatsApp contact.

It is something we have known about for a long time, but now it has been Dick Brouwer, director of engineering at WhatsApp, who has commented on the function to the media. Wired. According to him, this interoperability will be “a solution designed from the current WhatsApp client-server architecture. This means that the approach we are trying to provide is for WhatsApp to document the client-server protocol and, thus, allow third parties to directly connect to our infrastructure.“.

It is clear that security is a key point in all of this (and one of Apple’s initial reluctance, although in the end it was forced to accept the RCS) and Brouwer himself has commented that “There is a tension between providing an easy way to deliver interoperability while preserving the privacy, security and integrity of WhatsApp.“.

In the end, this is a more technical issue between the different companies and their protocols, but what matters to us as users is that, starting in March, we will be able to talk with contacts from Telegram and other messaging apps from WhatsApp.

whatsapp telegram

WABetainfo Screenshots

Initially, we can communicate with messages, voice messages, videos, images and in

As they already showed us from WABetainfo a while ago, At the top of the inbox we will have a ‘Third Party Chats’ tab. That is where the messages we receive and send to external apps will be collected. And yes, something important is that these changes will occur, for now, only in Europe.

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