WhatsApp will allow you to send images without compression: so you can try this function

whatsapp will allow you to send images without compression: so
whatsapp will allow you to send images without compression: so

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Meta is including one of the most requested functions by the WhatsApp community. Several users of the messaging app can already choose image quality before sending a photo through the app.

WhatsApp is not the most suitable application if you want share photos. If you return from a trip and you want your contacts to have the photos that you have taken together, they will receive them in a much lower quality than the one originally captured. Until now.

Send photos by WhatsApp in HD

WhatsApp is developing a new feature related to media sharing: a photo quality option when sending an image. With this feature, WhatsApp makes it easy share photos with better quality by preserving its original dimensions.

HD Photos function in WhatsApp

As you can see in the screenshots above, taken by ourselves, it is possible to choose a better quality when sending photos, and the option only appears when you select a large photo. Note that this does not mean that you can send photos in their full original quality, because this option preserves the dimensions of the image, but slight compression is still applied to the imagebut without a doubt they are much closer to the original result than up to now.

Also, the default option is always “Standard Quality” for any photo. This means that you must select the HD option every time you want to share a new photo with improved quality. You must select the second selector, which allows you to send HD photos, which are clearer and take up more space.

When you submit a photo by choosing the “high quality” option, it is marked as a high quality photo, so a photo is automatically added new label to the message bubble at the bottom left of it. This information also helps the recipient to understand when a photo is being sent using this feature and so be aware when downloading via data, for example. It’s worth noting that this feature is limited to images shared in conversations. This means that there is no way to send a better quality video without sending it as a document on WhatsApp, and this feature is also not available when sharing photos via status updates.

How to test this function

After installing the whatsapp beta latest update for iOS from the TestFlight app, and Android WhatsApp beta update from the Google Play Store, some beta testers may see a new option that allows them to manage the photo quality level.

As usual for the inclusion of new features, the ability to send HD photos is being rolled out to some beta testers who install the latest versions of the messaging app in its beta format for Android from the Google Play Store and WhatsApp beta for iOS from the TestFlight app. It will roll out to more people in the coming weeks and will eventually be included in a version of the app for all audiences.

At the moment, while the feature reaches all users, the best trick is to send the image as a WhatsApp document, instead of as an image. The almond trick without leaving the application itself is send the photo, but not in the traditional way as an image, but as if it were another document. In the same way that we can examine our device to locate, for example, a PDF to share, once we have entered the file manager, we will see all those available to select.

In case the photo in question does not appear among the eligible files, if you cannot find the image, click on “Search other documents”, option available in the header. When you find the image by either method, select it and click the submit button.

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