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WhatsApp will allow you to save ephemeral messages: we start from the Android beta

whatsapp will allow you to save ephemeral messages: we start
whatsapp will allow you to save ephemeral messages: we start

Testing of new WhatsApp features within the program continues beta dedicated to Android version of the app, where one of the latest developments was discovered. As usual, WABetaInfo colleagues brought it to the surface, who discovered that the version of WhatsApp beta for Android includes support for the feature that allows you to save ephemeral messages within chats so you can recover later very easily.

Ephemeral messages, remember, are those that are deleted after a certain period of time and each user can set them within the Settings, Privacy, Ephemeral messages item. However, there are some cases in which it is important to keep track of some messages and the latest news unearthed by WABetaInfo allows you to do just that, without having to change the privacy settings each time.



As anticipated, the option is already active on a specific version of the app, even if some users they report what the function is also available in versions and If your account is enabled and you have installed one of the latest beta builds of the Android app, the new item dedicated to saving messages will appear within the options of a chat with ephemeral messages, which acts as a real archive for retrieve them later.

To save a message, simply press and hold on it and select the new option from the dedicated icon (which has the shape of a bookmark). Subsequently this will be available for consultation by all participants of the chat within the aforementioned archive.


This allows all participants to have equal control over saved ephemeral messages, so that no one can privately keep information that group members have chosen to disappear after a pre-set period of time.

Please note that while the menu is available to several beta program participants, at the moment it is not yet possible to save messagesso you need one more step that will do enable the function 100%. When that happens, the option to save ephemeral messages to favorites will be removed (the option with the star icon), since that will be redundant e less powerful of the new one, since the first one does not allow to prevent the deletion of the message.

In any case, it seems that WhatsApp is working to roll out the feature very soon, so it is likely that its activation in the beta program is very close and that the public release is also not that far away.