WhatsApp will allow you to listen to the audios “in the background”

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audio whatsapp.jpg
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Much of WhatsApp users hate voice memos -especially since they can be created with a duration of up to 15 minutes- but the company does nothing more than develop new functionalities to “improve” the service it offers with its audios.

WhatsApp tests the new functionality in the latest beta for the Android app

For example, last April it introduced the possibility of changing the speed at which the audios are played, selecting up to three different speeds. Later, in September, it added the ability to transcribe audio notes, and just a few weeks ago it introduced a feature that lets you listen to audios before sending them.

Now WhatsApp is working on a new function that will allow you to listen to the voice audios “in the background”, while performing other tasks in the instant messaging application. And it is that until now, when a user clicks on the “play” button in a WhatsApp audio, and goes to a different chat to the one in which the voice note was sent, the playback is paralyzed.

This will change in the future, since according to what has been verified in the code of the beta version of the WhatsApp app for Android (version a possibility is already included that will allow you to listen to an audio and continue sending messages or reading content in other chats.

Undoubtedly this will be a considerable improvement, especially when receiving long audio notes. Not having to be permanently in that chat while the audio is playing will allow the user to perform other tasks while listening to it.

But it is not the only improvement. When the novelty is launched -WhatsApp has not confirmed an official date on which it will be available to the more than 2,000 million users that the app has in the world- when changing chat and an audio is playing, a new player will appear at the top from the screen. It will include buttons that allow users to pause or stop playing the voice memo. A playback progress bar will also be displayed.

What is not known is whether the audio playback will continue even if you exit WhatsApp to use another application on your mobile, although this is unlikely.