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WhatsApp: Why do you keep showing up ‘online’ after closing the app?

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Surely you have faced the “I saw you ‘online’ and you did not answer me”, knowing that you were no longer connected to Whatsapp. Here is the whole explanation.

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It has ever happened to everyone; you disconnect from WhatsApp and you keep showing up “online”, causing friends and contacts to wonder why you no longer answered them. Luckily it is not a fault or error in your WhatsApp, since this has a logical reason and here we tell you everything.

WhatsApp It is the most popular and downloaded instant messaging app in the world, however it is not perfect, as many users have complained about this inconvenience. Although the “online” when opening the app Why does it remain long after?

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WhatsApp online

Reason number one is because WhatsApp It is programmed so that each time you close the app, a brief backup of the messages sent and received is generated. This causes the “online”, even if you are no longer connected, well WhatsApp continues working.

Another reason why this happens is that if a user leaves WhatsApp, it does not delete the text from the “Online” below the name until approximately 20 seconds pass. This is how the application is configured, so do not worry, you are not the only one who has this happening.

WhatsApp online

Is there a way to avoid “online”?

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Not really, because as we mentioned before, this is how the application is configured; but there is a trick to avoid it to a greater extent and it is the tool “Force stop” or “Stop”. Find it in the Settings of your phone, Applications and selecting WhatsApp.

Force stop WhatsApp

With “Force stop” you close session of WhatsApp and you will not receive notifications or appear online until you want to. So you can avoid the typical “You were connected and you did not answer me” and use the app to your liking; taking advantage of that with Friend without limit You have unlimited social networks and you can enjoy #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

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WhatsApp online

Try this trick and do not hesitate to share this note with that friend who you think will find this information very useful.

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