Whatsapp, voice status updates in beta testing also on iOS


In the WhatsApp beta there is a new feature that allows you to record voice notes as status updates to be shared with your contacts based on your privacy settings. In practice, a sort of “telephone answering machine”.

A first sighting of this function was made last July, in version for Android. In that case, only a button with a microphone was visible in the status interface in addition to the one for entering text or taking pictures. Last September, however, with version, also for Android, the function was partially activated and it was possible to see the user interface, similar to that of the state text composer.

These screenshots were taken from the Android version

Today, information comes about the beginning of the phase of test also on the iOS version. In the latest beta, in fact, there is the possibility of inserting a voice note from the state as a status maximum duration of 30 seconds in addition, possibly, to a text in a similar way to what happens with a classic WhatsApp chat. The microphone icon is displayed when no text is entered.

This screenshot was taken from the iOS version

In a similar way to what happens with the classic status updates, also the vocal notes they will only be shared with the people you select within the privacy settings and, like the other types of messages, these are also end-to-end encrypted.

Being still in a test phase, not fully active, it has not yet been possible to try the function to take screenshots to show but it is likely that it is very similar to the Android counterpart that we have already seen. Furthermore, since development has not yet been completed, it is also probable that further aesthetic and functional changes will be made in these weeks.

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