WhatsApp updates its privacy policy again

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Last September, Facebook received a serious setback from the Brussels community authorities, when they fined Meta (at that time the parent company was still called Facebook) for WhatsApp’s privacy policies regarding how they handled users’ personal data. One of the consequences now comes with the modifications made by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp modifies its data processing and privacy policies to adapt them to the RGPD

The European Data Protection Committee (EDPB) was in charge of studying the complaints made by different community observers in relation to the processing of personal data carried out by WhatsApp. Specifically, it was pointed out lack of information that was provided to users about the processing of their personal data, an issue that has not only concerned European users but has concerned the authorities in other parts of the world.

His conclusion was that, indeed, the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), the community legislation on this matter, were not met. The recommendation addressed to the Data Protection Commission (DPC) the Irish data protection authority (country where Meta-Facebook and therefore WhatsApp has its European headquarters) was the imposition of a record sanction of 225 million of euros.

Although the instant messaging platform has announced its willingness to appeal the sanction, nevertheless has proceeded to implement the modifications in its privacy policy that allow it to be more transparent for its users. WhatsApp has justified the decision through a statement in which they report that the reorganization of privacy policies for the European region is carried out following orders from DPC.

Also added to the statement is the disagree with the decision and the intention to appeal it is declared, by maintaining the opinion that WhatsApp users were adequately informed about the processing of their personal data. Finally, it is highlighted that in any case the platform protects the messages sent by its users through end-to-end encryption, so that not even WhatsApp itself is capable of accessing its contents.