WhatsApp, the multi-device function also arrives on the iPhone app

whatsapp puts a lock on chats: even more private conversations
whatsapp puts a lock on chats: even more private conversations

On the version 23.10.76 for iOSavailable on the App Store, Whatsapp has finally made available one of the most awaited features by many users, namely the companion mode even between two or more iPhonesat the same time, linking them to your main account.


WhatsApp rolled out the feature that allows users to use the same account on multiple phones last month after a period of beta testing. This feature, we recall, allows users to send and receive calls and messages on all connected devices while maintaining the same level of privacy and security thanks to end-to-end encryption.

Although WhatsApp has never specified it, this feature has so far only been available on the Android version of WhatsApp. Consequently, if we have the app installed primarily on an iPhone we could only connect it to others installed on Android, Web, Windows or Mac, not a second iPhone. Or, if we had the app installed mainly on an Android we couldn’t connect it to an iPhone.

In the official changelog of the latest WhatsApp update for iOS, WhatsApp has finally implemented this possibility as well. The release of this feature, however, it seems to be happening gradually. Among the other novelties of this version we also find the possibility of preventing the disappearance of ephemeral messages, to read them later, and an automatic playback function for GIFs.


This is the official changelog of version 23.10.76 of Whatsapp for iOS:

  • You can now use WhatsApp on multiple phones. To link an iPhone as a companion device, tap the “Link this device” option on the phone number registration screen.
  • Now, when you use ephemeral messages, you can save important messages to read later. Press and hold a message and choose “Keep” to get started.
  • New text overlay tools have been added for the Status, including updated fonts and background colors.
  • Playback of GIFs will be automatic, without the need to touch them.
  • Add a WhatsApp call link to the Calendar app for iOS by selecting “Add to calendar” when creating a call link from the Calls tab.

These features will be introduced in the coming weeks.


The process for connecting an iPhone as a secondary device is always the same. In fact, it will only be enough scan the QR code via the main device, using the appropriate “Connect a device” section, and wait for the connection. In a few seconds all your chat history will be securely synced to the newly connected device.

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As with WhatsApp for Android, also in this case, some features will not be available on the connected device. Among these, the ability to manage broadcast lists and post status updates.

With this feature, users can connect up to four devices simultaneously. When someone sends us a message, it will be received on all their devices while maintaining end-to-end encryption.