WhatsApp: the best applications to download stickers


Are you one of those who have many stickers in your account WhatsApp? Don’t worry, there will be a way to classify and personalize them so that you have more order when it comes to personalizing your messages, whether in group chats or conversations with a single contact. Meanwhile, you can turn to these applications to have a good collection of stickers.

Stickers have gained popularity in instant messaging services. Not only in WhatsApp this happens; the users of Telegram, for example, they use stickers to personalize their messages and liven up conversations with their contacts.

There are several ways to download stickers. You can use the virtual store within it WhatsApp to save time or go to direct links to start the download. Another alternative are the applications available in stores such as App Store Y Play Store from Android.

Without further ado, let’s see the most recommended applications so that you have the best stickers on the net.

Stickers Cloud & Sticker Maker

If you have an Android smartphone, Stickers Cloud & Sticker Maker makes you have more stickers and allows you to create the stickers yourself using photos or drawings. The service has more than 100 sticker packs. The best thing is that the stickers work in any application.

Stickers Packs for WhatsApp!

Now, if your phone is an iPhone, you can use Stickers Packs for WhatsApp! so you have access to more than 4000 stickers for all tastes. There are both static and animated and organized by categories.

3D Emojis Stickers For WhatsApp – WAStickerApps

The application 3D Emojis Stickers For WhatsApp – WAStickerApps can be downloaded for Android and has memes in its archive.


IPhone users can turn to Sticker.ly to create your own stickers and access more than 500 million stickers. It comes with a search engine and categories.

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