WhatsApp tests a new improved security chat block that you will appreciate if you have a basic mobile phone

whatsapp tests a new improved security chat block that you.webp.webp.webp
whatsapp tests a new improved security chat block that you.webp.webp.webp

If there is something that we carry with us at all times and that stores our private information, that is our smartphone. As a result, in the event of theft or prying eyes, you will potentially have a large amount of private data in your hands. And if there is an application where there is hours and hours of talks and personal audiovisual content, that’s WhatsApp.

That said, it is worth remembering that WhatsApp has a chat blocking function, but it has an essential requirement that limits it: it requires biometric authentication. What happens if your smartphone is so old or so basic that it does not integrate fingerprint recognition? Well, you can’t use it. Good news for you: the latest beta of WhatsApp for Android shows that the dev team behind the most used messaging app on the planet is working to solve it.

Soon you will be able to block your WhatsApp chats even if your mobile does not have biometric recognition

The people of WABetaInfo has analyzed thoroughly tested version of the WhatsApp beta for Android available on the Google Play Store and found that the chat blocking function has been improved to add new authentication methods to choose from.

Thus, when a user goes to the settings, a description will appear detailing that ‘When enabled, you will need use fingerprint, face or other unique IDs to open WhatsApp‘, something that previously (come on, in the current public version) only works with biometric authentication. In this beta version it is possible to choose other identifiers, such as the phone’s access code.

Although this improvement may seem small overall for those who have a relatively modern or mid-range or higher phone, The novelty in tests makes a difference for those devices without biometricslike basic mobile phones (or some that are mid-range – entry-level and a few years behind them).

And in any case, have more authentication options for blocking chats is always a good idea from the point of flexibility, in case, for example, you prefer to use other methods or simply, your device is experiencing problems with a component used for these recognition tasks.

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In Apps ProBox | If you use WhatsApp and are concerned about security, it is advisable to check this every so often

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