WhatsApp takes an important step: the option to see once will reach the texts


There are quite a few new features that the WhatsApp application is testing to move forward and offer a better service to users. Some are not especially important and have to do, in general, with minor variations in the interface or use. But, others, it does have important implications, such as one that has just been revealed regarding the increase in privacy when sending messages. The one that has just been known has to do with the possibility of using something that is already known to many: the See once option. This possibility has been present in WhatsApp for a long time, but to date it was restricted to multimedia content (videos and photos). Things seem to be changing and the use of this function will also be extended to text. And this can mark a turning point in the messaging application we are talking about. Messages that are destroyed once seen, a good idea Without being something new, since other applications already offer this possibility with very positive results, the truth is that privacy can be increased quite significantly if this new function is implemented in WhatsApp for all. In this way, for example, you can send private information that can only be seen once (clear examples of what we say are the WiFi password and even the ID number). And the good thing is that this can be used both in individual and group chats. It is important to differentiate the option that currently exists in the service in which the possibility of it disappearing after a set time can be configured in a complete conversation. In the case of the new possibility we are talking about, this is restricted to a specific message, thus increasing the possibilities for users to decide what they want to do when using WhatsApp. For now, in tests on WhatsApp This is something that must be kept in mind, since from the source of the information what has been seen is a screen in which it is clearly seen that the See once reaches the application in the future , but there is no possibility to use the option at the moment. Right now the Android version is the closest to the deployment (always in the test version), but without a doubt the same will happen with its own for iOS. And, if you have to bet on a deployment date, it is normal for this to happen in the first quarter of 2023. Therefore, you have to be patient. >

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