WhatsApp statuses once again have their own vertical list and with gift filters

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whatsapp statuses once again have their own vertical list and.webp.webp.webp

The channels arrived on WhatsApp, taking over the old States tab, which was renamed “News”. Since then, the states share the spotlight with the channels and are displayed in a horizontal rowunless you stop following all channels.

Now, just as We discovered a few months agoWhatsApp has a new place to see all the statuses of our friendsseparated from the channels and with a filter similar to the one that the application will introduce at some point in our chats.

“All States” arrives

Previously, WhatsApp statuses had their own tab and were displayed in a vertical list, but since the channels arrived, their presence has been limited. to a horizontal row at the top of the window, with the bottom monopolized by the updates of the channels to which we have subscribed.

The only way to return to the previous list was not to use the channels, but now WhatsApp gives us an additional way: See all states. This novelty is being tested for some beta users for Android.

See all

If you have it active, you will find See all states within the ⋮ menu at the top of the tab News (be careful, because there is another menu ⋮ just below, and it doesn’t appear there). In this window you will see the statuses as a list againas before.

Not only that, but as a gift you have access to a series of filters: All, recent, viewed and muted. Clicking on each of them will filter the statuses that are shown that meet this condition, something that is useful if you have many contacts on WhatsApp who are using the status function.

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