WhatsApp states add a new use option: record audio


The time when you could only write text in the WhatsApp application is long gone, and now audio is an integral part of development in many important areas. One in which it was about to be implemented properly is in the States, something that has begun to happen to the delight of those who use them constantly (which are becoming more and more, it must be said). Since the summer of 2022 it was known, thanks to an image capture, that the company owned by Meta intended to add the possibility of recording audio (in the same way as in conversations) to make this type of content available for contacts can see it. Well, the initial test implementation is already a reality, so it won’t be long before everyone who has a WhatsApp account can do this from their terminal. An interface that can clearly be improved At the same time that it has been confirmed from the source of the information that in the latest test version for Android of the messaging application it is already possible to create audio recordings for the States, it has also been possible to see the interface that exists at the moment. And, the truth is that nothing changes with respect to the one that was known last year, and this is at least unattractive. Seeing only the reproduction element in the central area, without anything in the background, is something that the company has to correct (it is suspected that this may be the case, but it cannot be confirmed at the moment). It shouldn’t be so complicated that you can put something behind the player -an image, for example-, and it would give it a completely different air. The recording, it must be said, does not offer any complications, because, when accessing the creation of a State, the usual button appears in the lower right area with an icon in the shape of a microphone that allows recording. It is the same one that is in the chats, so everything is completely recognizable and, therefore, a success. Regarding the duration of the voice notes, they will have a maximum of 30 seconds, so the way of acting in this section of WhatsApp is maintained. Arrival of this novelty to WhatsApp for everyone As usual in this type of information, there is no data in this regard, but normal seeing that the function can already be used in the trial version, and that for the moment in iOS is not available, it is normal to think about the summer so that voice notes are another option when it comes to publishing the States that, despite the bad start they had because they were not widely used, have ended up being useful Constant on WhatsApp. >

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