WhatsApp silences groups with more than 256 participants


WhatsApp groups with more than 256 users will be muted automatically by the application itself, which will lead to a reduction in notifications from what the platform calls “mass groups”.

WhatsApp already admits up to 1,024 users in its groups

With this measure, WhatsApp seeks to reduce the inconvenience that frequent notifications from such large groups can cause, especially after the instant messaging platform recently increased the maximum user capacity of these groups, which now reaches 1,024 participants.

This is an extension linked to another recent novelty in WhatsApp, such as Communities. These are a way of linking groups that maintain ties of different types, either thematic or the community to which they belong, the most characteristic example being that of a Community belonging to a school that in turn hosts the WhatsApp Groups of each course, the parents of the students, the teachers, the extracurricular subjects… Through these Communities some communications can be shared between the different groups, but this in turn can increase the number of messages received by the members of the same .

With the proliferation of the use of this application, groups with more and more users are generated, and WhatsApp has considered it appropriate to develop this function that starts automatically when a group reaches 256 participants. At that time the user would receive the following message:

“The group has over 256 participants and has been automatically muted to help reduce notifications”

This is a novelty that WhatsApp already includes in the update of the app for the Android operating system, which is currently beginning its deployment, and it is hoped that it will also soon reach the version for the iOS operating system.

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