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WhatsApp shows what the voice states will be like, and they have to improve

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Relatively recently WhatsApp statuses were close to disappearing. Its use was very minority and there were many sources that indicated that the company was close to throwing in the towel. But, almost by surprise, the trend changed in this option that is reminiscent of what Instagram offers with stories. Well, it has just been known in a fairly precise way what is new that is being prepared in the application in this section. What we are talking about is the voice states, a novelty that has been known for a long time that WhatsApp is working on bringing to the extension to increase the options that users have when publishing. And, from what has been seen, everything indicates that things are quite advanced… But, yes, it is to be expected that they will improve in some sections if you want to provide an adequate service. What has been known about this novelty of WhatsApp The information shows the interface that the voice notes will have, which allows knowing in a very specific way what can be done. Obviously, what will be published will be a message like the ones that can be sent in chats right now. So far, little news and everything is on the expected script. An example of what we say is that at the bottom there will be the button to make the recording, which will not vary at all with what until now exists in WhatsApp for this purpose. That is, no one will doubt its operation. Another of the things that remain unchanged will be the way to listen to the recorded message: simply press the playback button and everything will start. For now it is not known if there is a maximum time to record the voice states and, in addition, if they will disappear like the images and videos (it is normal that this is the case). Ultimately, everything will be fully recognizable, and that’s good for users. There are things to improve What least fits, for now, is how simple it will be what others will see in the states with voice. If what is seen is maintained, the player will simply be there… which is manifestly austere. Ideally, users can accompany this with images and even stickers that make the appeal much greater. This would generate more interest to listen to what has been recorded. If not, the aforementioned simplicity will become scarcity… and this would be detrimental. Obviously, everything that has been seen can -and should- be improved, since we are in the testing phase, but leaving it that way does not seem to be the best possible option for WhatsApp to succeed with voice states. We will have to see if there is improvement, which is possible, so that users decide to publish things that others can listen to with a certain attractiveness in the interface. >

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