WhatsApp, screen sharing also arrives in the Beta for iOS


In the latest beta of WhatsApp for iOS appeared the possibility of share screen during a video call – a very common and widespread feature in more specialized video conferencing applications, such as Zoom or Google Meet. Specifically, a new dedicated key appears at the bottom of the screen, where all the most important control keys during a video call are grouped – end call, mute microphone, mute camera and take pictures. According to information from WABetaInfois not active for all accounts subscribed to the Beta channel, even if they have updated to version (TestFlight build number is 23.12.0 (485028733)).

Screen sharing can be useful for a variety of scenarios – for example sharing information, showing a presentation, helping or getting help solving a problem with the device or an installed app. Of course, the smartphone being a very personal device, it is Activating Do Not Disturb mode is recommended to avoid the intrusion of unwanted notifications. The screen will be shared with all call participants indiscriminately; you can stop at any time by returning to the app and pressing the appropriate red button in plain sight.

Screen sharing was already been spotted on the Beta for Windows and for Android some time ago; it is instead the first time that it is observed on iOS. It is expected to be made available to more and more accounts over the next few weeks. We remind you that, as with any App Store app or game, to test the WhatsApp Beta on iOS you need to install the TestFlight app, developed by Apple, and then wait for the developers to accept new testers by periodically checking the dedicated page.

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