WhatsApp reactions, closer than ever, what happened?

The messaging app WhatsApp It constantly tests new features to increase the functions it offers and keep up with its rivals, with Telegram in the lead. One of the most anticipated of those that were in the testing phase is the inclusion of reactions, and from what has been known the arrival is a reality.

So real that the own mark zuckerberg in a message on the social network Facebook has indicated the date on which this novelty will begin its deployment… And it is today! Therefore, gradually, everything necessary for the reactions to work will begin to be activated from the WhatsApp servers and, in many cases, users will have to download a update of the test application itself.

In other words, today the starting gun is fired, but depending on the region in which you live, you can enjoy this novelty. In this way, slowly users of this service, which number in the millions, will be able to both send a reaction in response and receive one of the contacts with whom they chat as long as they are a user of the app’s beta (which you can download without problems and for free for both iOS and Android). Android).

A performance that is not a surprise

Well, the truth is that the most striking thing is the arrival of the new functionality, since the use of it is not at all innovative (but it is simple, which is actually what matters to most). The point is that, pressing continuously In a received message, regardless of whether it is text or multimedia content, you can reply quickly by choosing one of the emoji exist and are available for reactions. Easier, impossible.

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Mark Zuckerberg's message on Facebook from WhatsApp reactions

And what are the emoticons that can be chosen? Well, at first the offer will be limited and they are these: laughter; surprise; crying: thank you: thumbs up; and, of course, a heart -as Mark Zuckerberg’s own message points out-. That is, it is the initial package that was detected by the leaks of the test version. Of course, you should not forget that giving access to all the emojis you have on the device is already being tested, something that aims to be a later improvement in WhatsApp.

Reactions for everyone on WhatsApp closer than ever

Taking into account that today the activation of the reactions for all those who use the test version of the application begins, it is very clear that in a very short time this new function will also be part of the stable version that is the one that uses the most users. Good news to have available a very useful and quick way to reply to messages and that will avoid having to write anything to answer.