Whatsapp, profile pictures in incoming group chats


The beta channel of Whatsapp continues to churn out constant updates on multiple platforms, through which experimental functions are tested or, in some cases, very close to the release in the final versions. The changes we are talking about are not always substantial and very often they are minor innovations, which, as in this case, still improve general usability.

This time the novelty was identified in the beta version (build of TestFlight 22.18.0) of iOS, and as often happens, behind the discovery there is the hand of the always attentive guys of WABetaInfo.

Group chats are still the center of attention and today’s news is more accessory than functional. Apparently they are considering the possibility of always display each participant’s profile picture in the foreground in group chats, similar to what happens in Instagram Direct or Facebook Messenger chats. For those who have never noticed, at the moment only the name of each participant is displayed at the head of the messages in the timeline, but nothing more.

But it is not the only news coming, since already in the previous beta on iOS it was reported the introduction of the option to restore deleted messages in group chats the possibility for administrators to delete any unwanted messages.

At the moment the beta program of Whatsapp on iOS is closed, however, those wishing to apply to participate in the future, as soon as new places are available, can do so from this link,

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