WhatsApp prepares changes in group management. What news will come?

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1684950228 047361 1684951357 rrss normal.jpg

WhatsApp does not stop launching updates with which to improve its functionality. The most popular instant messaging application recently announced the arrival of newsletters to groups. And now they are preparing new changes to the platform. Or this is what emerges from the latest publication of WaBetaInfo, a reference portal for everything that has to do with WhatsApp, and which has published a series of images where we can see the new design that will come to group management. And, as you will see later, the team behind the development of WhatsApp has significantly improved the group settings menu, making it much easier to use. WhatsApp groups receive more configuration options To say that this new design in the groups has nothing to do with the interface change that has come to WhatsApp, so we are talking about a new design, only for the management of the groups. As indicated in the aforementioned publication, WhatsApp beta for Android has just received a new version, corresponding to and which includes a new design in group management. Note that, at the moment, it has not reached all users, so even if you install the latest version of WhatsApp beta, it may not appear. But through TestFlight they have been able to test this new version, and as you will see in the WaBetaInfo screenshot that accompanies these lines, WhatsApp will significantly change the group management interface to make it clearer and more intuitive. For example, now we have more options within the menu, avoiding having to enter different submenus since the previous design was quite unintuitive. All through a new system of switches that facilitate the process. This new interface has reached some beta users, so it is clear that it will roll out to more users in the coming weeks. So, if you are a beta user, all you are going to have to do is have a little patience since everything It points out that very soon you will be able to enjoy this new menu for groups. Regarding the launch in the official version of WhatsApp, we cannot give a specific date since it first has to go through the beta version, but we do not believe that it will take long for this new design to arrive in the group configuration menu to offer an interface much more friendly and intuitive. >

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